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The Next Generation of Cell Site Inspections

Managing traditional manual inspections while migrating to UAS inspections is a challenge for all carriers, site owners and 3rd party inspection organizations.  UAS inspections improve safety, provide better visual data than traditional manual inspections, and reduce costs.  But the challenge is how to manage both traditional and UAS inspection data from a single site.  The emergence of 5G is also driving increased inspection complexity with more sites in more densely populated areas.  All of this translates into more sites to be inspected, and more data to be collected and analyzed, all while increasing efficiency and reducing overall maintenance costs.

A solution is needed to effectively manage the data, enable easy collaboration among all stakeholders, allow rapid decisions to be made for all types of inspections, reduce re-work, close out jobs, and better visualize issues. 

How Optelos Addresses these Issues


Optelos is ideally suited to address the challenges faced in Cell Tower inspections today and provide a platform for the future, through its powerful reality modeling and AI capability.  By utilizing Optelos digital inspection twin technology, we also build the models necessary to digitally transform the inspection and maintenance process overall.

Key Optelos Benefits in Telecom Inspection and Maintenance Operations

Data Management

Whether you’re dealing with traditional tower inspections, ground based inspections, broadcast towers or disaster recovery work, Optelos is the one platform that can easily ingest data from multiple sources and make that data available to other internal systems through our APIs or to analyze for rapid inspection assessments and job close outs, simplifying the inspection process and reducing costs.

See Your Sites Like Never Before

Optelos is the single system through which all inspection data can be viewed, whether it be inspection reports, visual data, asset information, and more. Easily associate all your site data and inspection information in a single location with Optelos flexible folder system for immediate access.   Here data can be centrally viewed and analyzed by all stakeholder.  Data can also be annotated, tagged and measured, so locating issues has never been easier. Easily measure physical dimensions, drop zones, tilt, azimuth and plumb like never before.  Additionally, Optelos creates 2D and 3D models orthomosaics within the platform to identify problems and create Digital Inspection Twins of all your assets as the basis for long-term digital transformation initiatives.


Optelos is the one platform all stakeholders can be provided access to, to easily view, analyze and collaborate on business impacting maintenance decisions.  Internal stakeholders and external contractors can be provided various provided levels to securing work within the Optelos platform, sharing data and rapidly solving problems.

Live Video Feeds

Optelos Live Look allows real-time video streams to be established between analysts and field technicians and contractors so that issues can be diagnosed real-time, speeding complex trouble resolution.

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