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Optimize T&D asset management with drone powerline inspection

Drone power line inspection software with data management, collaboration and AI enablement in one platform

Leverage drone power line inspections to rapidly identify degrading asset conditions through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and automate trouble ticketing and dispatch with precise geolocation to speed repair and address regulatory compliance.

Our drone electrical inspection software will improve organizational productivity, accuracy and capacity through automation and workflow standardization – upload, analyze, prioritize and take action on drone powerline inspection program data in a single platform.

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“Automating Grid Analytics Through Drone Inspection and Computer Vision AI”
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Automate Transmission Line Inspections

Automatically inspect Transmission and Distribution lines over a large geography utilizing autonomous drones and visual AI and machine learning to flag assets requiring technician review, improving team productivity, inspection capacity, accuracy and risk management.

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Predictive Asset Management for Utilities

Combine UAV power line inspections with AI image analysis to predict asset maintenance requirements. View issues on a map by geolocation. Prioritize T&D sector repairs based upon damage density and severity, improving maintenance crew cost efficiency, productivity and impact.


Utility Vegetation Management

Use drone inspection imagery to compare and audit conditions over time to detect and prioritize encroachment issues. Overlay and compare detailed orthomosaics to track progressing issues and predict future mitigation requirements for use in annual wildfire mitigation plans (WMPs)

“Since 2019 Optelos has delivered significant improvement to our Transmission Network Inspection processes. The platform was customized to identify specific transmission network conditions and streamline the inspection and remediation process, reducing remediation times by -70% and increasing inspection capacity +300%.”

Sr. Innovation Manager, Latin American Energy Transmission Enterprise
Power Utilities Systematically Process and Filter

Prioritize Maintenance Actions Using Vast Amounts of Drone Powerline Inspection Imagery

Optelos systematically aggregates and organizes your unstructured drone electrical inspection imagery into an organized and searchable database for visual AI processing and machine learning condition prioritization.

  • Automatically assign the highest priority to assets at greatest risk per programmed algorithms to efficiently manage repair resources and avoid failures that lead to outages and wildfires.
  • Connect to ticketing and dispatch systems, automatically appending trouble tickets with geolocation data to expedite action to the precise location of the issue while reducing the administrative burden ion operations teams.

Complete Precise Measurements and Analysis of Transmission and Distribution Lines

Drone power line inspection software enables precise measurements and detailed analysis with 1 mm accuracy and .1 degree angle  without a site visit.

  • Complete pre-project scoping and analysis utilizing hi-res 3D reality models created from UAV power line inspection results. 
  • Verify current transmission tower configuration, status of supporting infrastructure such as braces, insulators and brackets and monitor vegetation encroachment with drone electrical inspection data.
Power Utilities Complete Precise Measurements
Power Utilities End to End Inspection

Predictive Asset Management of Power Grid Assets

Integrated visual AI solution and machine learning offers the ability to manage the huge volumes of visual AI inspection data from drone powerline inspection within the platform.

  • Integrated tools for tagging, annotating and labelling of the computer vision AI dataset within the platform to improve visual AI accuracy on recognizing and predicting monitored failure conditions, improving inspection accuracy over time.
  • Our drone powerline inspection software includes intuitive dashboards and filters to pinpoint and summarize tower component issues such as broken insulators and missing brackets.

Vegetation Management Reports And Dashboards For Drone Powerline Inspection

Utilizing machine learning, the Optelos platform organizes UAV power line inspection data and other documents into a unified database, enabling the creation of routine reports and status dashboards of key transmission and distribution assets.

  • Track the status of mandated inspection audits by site, sector or grid line and highlight areas behind schedule. Use inspection results to prioritize actions in annual wildfire mitigation plans (WMPs).
  • Track AI-powered drone electrical inspection results and vegetation encroachment by geography, including the count of outstanding tree trimming work orders, completed maintenance actions and actions pending resolution.
Power Utilities Reports and Dashboards
Power Utilities Ground Level Site Insp

See Ground Level Sub-Station Inspections

Seamlessly integrate Matterport 3D walkthrough visualizations into your drone electrical inspection program to view 360 ground-level walk-thru imagery:

  • Remotely inspect and verify ground level space, physical obstructions, security fencing and other important pre-project inspection details without a site visit.