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automating grid analytics

ComEd Case Study: Automating Grid Analytics Through Drone Inspection And Computer Vision AI

On-demand webinar with ComEd on their Advanced Image Analytics program, which is leveraging new drone and AI technology to automate defect detection and deliver improved grid reliability by providing real-time insights into the state of health of all distribution assets.

Autonomous drones and digital twins webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Digitally Transforming Inspections, Project Planning & Security Surveillance with Autonomous Drones and Digital Twins

View our on-demand webinar with Skydio on “How autonomous drones and Digital Twins are transforming inspections, project planning and security”. Presented by Optelos and Skydio, hosted by BIC Magazine.

Digital twins for turnarounds

On-Demand Webinar: How New 3d Digital Twin Models are Transforming Turnarounds and Capital Project Planning

On-demand webinar with STOlogix on “How new 3D digital twin models are transforming turnarounds and capital project planning” presented by David Tran, Optelos and Sid Dickerson, STOlogix, hosted by BOC Magazine.

Whitepapers & Case Studies

drone cell tower inspection software

8 Ways to Optimize Drone Asset Inspections: Optelos Puts Together Lessons Learned from Enterprise Clients

The secret to unlocking the power of your UAV program and going beyond the images is the intelligent use of all that collected visual data. This white paper walks through 8 guidelines for getting the most out of your drone inspection program to turn the collected data into actionable insights and deliver sustainable results.

Autonomous drones and digital twins webinar

ComEd Case Study: Automating Grid Analytics Through Drone Inspection and Computer Vision AI

ComEd launched their Advanced Image Analytics program in 2022 to build a more effective and proactive maintenance program, better identify defect conditions, and identify the defects more quickly and efficiently. This human + machine approach leverages the latest visual data technologies and AI-powered analytics to create a more resilient and reliable grid.

Digital twins for turnarounds

Using 3D Digital Twin models to improve Turnaround and Capital Project Planning: Specific Use Cases and Applications with ROI Estimates

By utilizing digital twins as a core documentation element, turnaround teams can dramatically improve communication and collaboration throughout their enterprise through the “single pane of glass” that digital twins offer, a unified and factual view of an asset with all relevant documentation housed together in one location.

drone cell tower inspection software

Using Digital Twins to Reduce Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Costs While Improving Team Efficiency and Collaboration

Digital twins can become the single point of truth when organizations are seeking to
understand an asset’s true current state, physical location and proximity to other
equipment, and what other machinery, electrical, or piping is attached and needs to be
included in the scope of work.