AI Analytics

AI-Powered Asset Inspection with Computer Vision & Machine Learning

End-to-end management of your machine learning and AI asset inspection workflow

The industry’s only end-to-end automated AI-powered analytics software for developing and managing machine learning and AI visual inspection programs 

Our visual AI analytics software accelerates implementation of machine learning for visual inspection, automating issue identification, classification, prioritization and geolocation of detected faults to speed action and better leverage valuable resources

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Manage AI-Ready Data

Upload and manage data in a single unified database, eliminating parallel workflows and data silos

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Label and Annotate

Integrated annotation tools allow data labeling and annotation within platform for creating AI classifier models

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Train and Deploy AI

Automatically test and deploy vision AI inspection models with classifiers without IT support

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Operationalize AI

Seamlessly deploy vision AI into infrastructure inspection workflows

Optelos includes all the tools needed to develop, test and deploy AI analytics machine learning to automate any visual inspection process and direct actions to the precise GPS location of the defect

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Manage AI-Ready Data

Upload raw vision AI inspection data from the field into a single platform that is data agnostic.

  • Ingest visual data from any source (robots, video cameras, drones, etc.).
  • Unified data management for a single source of truth – no data silos or parallel work streams.

Label and Annotate Images

Integrated tools for tagging, annotating and labelling of the dataset within the platform for a single automated vision AI inspection workflow.

  • Infuse data with tags, annotations and labels to train AI classifiers. 
  • Create your classification taxonomy within the platform.
  • Send labelled data to AI for training – all within a single workflow.
AI Label and Annotate Images
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Train & Deploy AI Models

Train and deploy AI analytics brain without outside resources. Zero Code AI allows building and deploying AI inspection software models without IT or data scientist resources.

  • Machine learning will improve visual inspection AI algorithm accuracy over time.
  • Create additional classes to train AI analytics brain and more precisely categorize issues.
  • Open platform can use any 3rd party AI or industry-specific AI algorithm.

Operationalize Vision AI Inspection

Import infrastructure inspection images for routine AI analysis. Integrate Optelos AI analytics with other enterprise systems to drive automated action from AI-detected issues. 

  • Import new images into the platform to classify issues and prioritize action.
  • Automatically route detected issues to internal teams for further evaluation and prioritization.
  • All issues are appended with precise GPS coordinates and mapped to speed resolution and eliminate confusion.
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Ticketing & Dispatch Integration

Use built in ticketing dashboards or integrate with your existing ticketing and dispatch systems through the Optelos Open Data APIs.

  • Seamlessly integrate with ticketing and dispatch systems to automate corrective actions identified through vision AI inspection. 
  • Optelos patented solution provides precise geolocation of all detected faults, speeding issue resolution.

Technology partners:

Optelos is an open AI analytics platform that has partnered with leading computer vision AI inspection providers such as Microsoft and Neurala to deliver accurate and reliable automated inspection capabilities.

Transmission Lines and Facilities

Connecting vision AI inspection software with ticketing and dispatch systems to automate and accelerate transmission line fault detection and repair

Deploying autonomous drones and automated AI analytics software to detect, classify and prioritize corrosion detection and repair from inspection

Corrosion Detection and Repair

Automated PPE Verification

Verifying PPE through automated AI analytics software to improve worker safety and validate compliance with OSHA regulations