Optelos is the leading way major companies organize, inspect, analyze, and act on digital asset information at scale

Minimize operation disruptions

Digitally perform inspections   

Streamline  compliance

Reduce regulatory costs

Lower Mean Time to Repair

Increase collaboration

Increase throughput

Reduce waste & rework

Improve customer satisfaction

Modernize Inspection Audits

Maximize asset utilization

Optimize 5G transition

Digitally track progress

Improve stakeholder visibility

Ensure worksite safety


Optelos is the only patented solution that unifies critical digital transformation technology

Patented Transformation of images, metadata, and documents yield an extensible Digital Inspection Twin that is fully searchable and shareable.


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Intuitive single-pane interface delivers immersive reality modeling and unified workflow offering greater speed, throughput, and quality.

Data Driven Decision Support delivers unparalleled Accuracy and Productivity – Artificial Intelligence provides insights into complex business decisions heretofore unanswerable.


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Data & Application API’s ensure asset inspection and management processes connect throughout the enterprise, and Digital Inspection Twin information flows freely.

Optelos fully enables digital inspection transformation.


Effectively manage vast amounts of digital asset data


Dramatically increase workforce productivity


Streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce risk


Enable rapid, intelligent business decisions empowered through AI

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