Platform Overview

Purpose-Built Drone Data Management Software

Integrates drone data with asset inspection workflows to deliver business insights and savings

Drone data management software is the foundation of any asset inspection program digital transformation

Optelos eliminates data silos by ingesting and transforming any visual data source into an intuitive, searchable and contextualized database ready for AI implementation, enhancing team productivity and collaboration

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  • Ingests and manages all data sources and types
  • Creates a unified, structured database
  • Visual and intuitive digital twin inspection software
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Contextualized Data

  • Immersive 3D visualizations
  • Digital Twin asset management
  • Patented transformation algorithms

Automated AI Insights

  • End-to-end AI inspection software
  • Use any AI engine
  • Annotate and label within platform

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Securely share data
  • Integrated file viewers and visualization tools
  • Open architecture for systems integration

 Optelos addresses the needs of large enterprises to upgrade their drone mapping software into a complete visual data management system with digital twin asset management, workflow administration, team collaboration enablement and security policy enforcement.

That’s where Optelos crushes the competition –in their 3D models. Their meshes are really good. In addition, the Optelos interface does a really good job of showcasing their 3Ds to give a better perspective or view of a particular crack or problem area.”

Paul Aitken, Chief Pilot, Drone U
Serv Prov Systematically Org and Share Data

Aggregate and Organize Visual Data

Our patented visual data management system (US Patent No. 10,418,068) geolocates and correlates data from any source, organizing vast amounts of unstructured visual data into an intuitive, contextualized and searchable database ready for analysis and AI implementation.

  • Organize data by folder, each with its own user access level for data compliance.
  • Share data with stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

Immersive Data Visualizations

Utilize the platform to create precise 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D mesh and pointcloud reality models in your digital transformation asset inspection program.  View and share all types of data through the platform with a robust set of visualization tools and viewers:

  • Open and view files without underlying program access, such as drone mapping software.
  • View CAD, engineering drawings, 3D models, LiDAR, thermal and 360 panorama images.
Platform Overview Immersive Data
Platform Overview Analyze and Measure

Analyze and Measure

Our digital twin inspection software can be used to make precise measurements and detailed analyses of assets, structures, building sites and equipment using 3D point cloud models.

  • Identify and monitor a variety of asset conditions up to millimeter level accuracy.
  • Perform detailed measurements on assets for material, turnaround and repair planning.
  • Measure distances, angles, estimate volumes, azimuths and heights of objects.

Computer Vision AI Inspection

Manage the entire machine learning and AI visual inspection workflow within the automated AI inspection software. 

  • Automatically identify issues down to the pixel level from inspection images automatically uploaded into the visual data management system.
  • Utilize any vision AI inspection engine – no limitations – to complete automated AI inspections.
Platform Overview Computer Vision AI
Optelos Ticketing and Dispatch Integration

Ticketing and Dispatch Integration

Use built in ticketing dashboards or integrate with your existing ticketing and dispatch systems through the Optelos Open Data APIs.

  • Seamlessly integrate with ticketing and dispatch systems to automate corrective actions.
  • Optelos patented solution provides precise geolocation of all detected faults speeding issue resolution.

Track Changes Over Time

Visualize and compare orthomosaic maps and overlay detail maps.

  • Powerful OrthoCompare™ feature allows you to compare drone mapping software orthomosaic maps to detect changes over time and perform audits.
  • Overlay maps to quickly visualize site progress overtime using our Multi OrthoOverlay™ feature.
Platform Overview Track Changes
Optelos Tools for Managing Turnarounds

Tools for Managing Turnarounds

Optelos is an optimal digital transformation asset inspection tool for pre-planning and managing maintenance shutdown, turnaround and outage (STO) and TAR (turnaround) actions.

  • Implement Digital Twin asset management with our 3D sectioning tool. Sub-select custom shape portions of Digital Twin models by removing visual obstructions from nearby objects.
  • Digital Twin inspection software enables you to rotate, dissect and visually inspect, down to pixel-level, selected items.
  • Isolate and share portions, sections or levels of 3D Digital Twin models, removing nearby objects or upper and lower levels, for a complete & unobstructed 360 degree view. 

Report Generation Tool

The Optelos visual data management system organizes your asset inspection information into an intuitive database, which allows you to create custom reports and status dashboards using your visual data.

  • Create reports which track the status of defects by site, highlight entities which have completed their mandated inspection audits,
  • Customized dashboards enable strategic monitoring of asset status by geography and can capture customized fields such as operational status, outstanding work orders, critical repair part requirements, and compliance flags.
Platform Overview Report Generation Tool
Platform Overview Customizable Jobs and Tasks

Customizable Jobs and Tasks

The Optelos platform can be utilized to operationalize your digital transformation asset inspection program by creating routine jobs and tasks integrated into your teams’ workflow.

  • Utilize the menu options to select from a customizable list of possible outcomes and assign to groups, outside vendors or individuals.
  • Maintain oversight of each identified defect or deficiency and utilize reports and dashboards to summarize overall team, site or vendor performance.
  • Monitor tasks assigned, completed, and task aging reports by team, site and  reporting region.