Drone Inspection Services and Digital Transformation 

Turnkey aerial inspection, 3D Digital Twin model creation services and visual AI inspection automation consulting

If you’re just starting your digital transformation journey, Optelos offers the turnkey aerial inspection services and drone inspection program consulting to help you progress.

Optelos offers a broad selection of digital transformation consulting services in support of your asset inspection program. Whether early in migrating to commercial drone inspection or implementing computer vision AI, we offer complete services to support your drone inspection program development.

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Turnkey Flight Services

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Model Creation

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AI Implementation

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Consulting Services

Turnkey Drone Inspection Services –

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Optelos provides a complete turnkey drone inspection solution, from data collection through model construction, analysis and reporting. We specifically align our cost-effective program with your drone inspection objectives in mind. This approach ensures that the collected data delivers the actionable insights you need. And we stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our turnkey drone inspection program includes:

  • Trained and certified drone pilots – Our national network of professional UAV drone pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and have been qualified as meeting Optelos’ stringent standards for Aerial Data Capture. Our pilots utilize the ideal flight patterns, angles and image overlap to capture the data necessary for optimal model creation for each specific drone inspection situation.
  • Optimal sensors for the application – We provide a wide range of data collection services utilizing the optimal sensors for your specific use case: RGB and Infrared, LiDAR, thermal, multispectral sensors, NDVI, elevation, and methane detection, as well as 360 ground level walkthrough captures.
  • Cloud data storage with analysis tools included – Our turnkey drone inspection services include Optelos data platform access.  Access to analytical and measurement tools, custom report generation, unlimited data storage, easy data sharing and collaboration tools ensure actionable insights and maximum leverage from the collected drone inspection data.

Optelos 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We will design a turnkey service offering that we guarantee will deliver the results you need within the agreed timeframe and budget. If the results do not meet your needs, and if we can’t make it right, we’ll provide a 100% refund.

Data Processing/Model Creation

 We offer photogrammetry processing to generate precise 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D Digital Twin point cloud or mesh models, even if taken by other drone inspection companies. Our veteran team of image analysts utilize the best hardware, software technology and image preparation and data hygiene methods to produce the best models in the industry, enabling precise measurements up to 1 mm accuracy. Let us take on the complexity of creating accurate and life-like 3D Digital Twin models for you. No more pre-conditioning of images or cleaning of models, post-processing or messy exporting. Just upload the images, and we’ll return the industry’s best models…. It’s that simple. You not only get the best models available, you also save on labor cost and time.​

  • 2D Orthomosaic maps 
  • 3D Digital Twin point cloud and mesh models

Visual AI Inspection Services

The Optelos platform is an optimal foundation for achieving your digital transformation goals in asset inspection. The Optelos visual data management system features a fully integrated visual AI module for implementing end-to-end drone data management and managing your ongoing machine learning and AI inspection program. Our visual AI inspection consulting services include:

  • AI Engine selection and training
  • Image Annotation and Labeling
  • Enterprise systems integration

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

The Optelos consulting team offers complete planning, analysis, and implementation services for your commercial drone inspection program, enabling optimal program results no matter how far along you are in your digital transformation journey:

  • Aerial inspection services data collection and drone data management methodologies
  • Commercial drone inspection workflow, SOP and KPI development
  • Drone inspection program performance analysis and reporting
  • Data and systems considerations when preparing for Visual AI implementation