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Improve asset reliability with Oil and Gas inspection software

Leverage drone technology in oil and gas to improve TAR turnaround planning and scoping 

Oil and gas inspection software that supports the digital transformation of asset inspection, leading to increased TAR turnaround program productivity, reduced costs and more accurate program preparations

 A foundational platform for managing visual data from UAV in Oil and Gas industry inspections and automated visual AI analytics programs. Use 3D digital twins to make precise measurements of facilities to verify equipment spacing requirements, placement of shared resources for use during turnarounds, identify locations of safety equipment, and reduce costs by completing scoping inspections without scaffolding or equipment shutdown. 

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“Using 3D Digital Twins to Improve Turnaround and Capital Project Planning: Specific Use-Cases and Applications with ROI Estimates”

Complete planned TAR turnaround maintenance actions on time and on budget by utilizing the Optelos oil and gas inspection software for pre-project planning, project monitoring and sharing of critical information. Leverage hi-res 3D Digital Twin models for briefing executives on asset reliability issues, reviewing projects with contractors, and scoping daily activities with maintenance crews.

Utilize visual AI with drone technology in oil and gas to automatically process, analyze and detect pipeline corrosion. Link Optelos to ticketing and dispatch systems to precisely identify location of detected faults for effective remediation and improved asset reliability. Improve TAR turnaround performance by customizing ticket routing, prioritization and assignment to match your org structure and workflow.

Reduce schedule risk and improve productivity with visual planning tools with project work and scheduling information overlays. Remote plan proper equipment access routes, material placement and identify & document asset conditions using 3D Digital Twin models and 2D orthomosaic maps. Improve team collaboration and project oversight by allowing all project stakeholders to monitor progress and closeout tracking daily.

“Once we put the Optelos data management solution in place, we have been able to improve inspection accuracy and efficiency and provide our clients with the data they need to better manage their assets, their inspection cycles and make more informed decisions. Optelos has taken our program to the next level.”

Grey Johnson, Director of TSG, Legacy PSG
Optelos Delivering geovisual intelligence Industries Process Mfg Sectioning Tool

Shutdown, TAR Turnaround and Outage Planning

Optelos is an oil and gas inspection software for pre-planning and managing maintenance TAR turnaround actions for improved uptime and asset reliability.

  • Use Turnaround Advisor™ tool to visually track all TAR turnaround projects by site and provide simple, secure access to required project and maintenance documents.
  • Enable remote visual inspection of equipment selected for maintenance down to the pixel-level, ensuring complete and detailed job scoping in preparation for TAR turnaround actions.

Utilize Ground Level 360 Imagery in Support of Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Optelos seamlessly integrates Matterport 3D walkthrough visualizations, allowing customers to view ground-level site imagery to inspect and verify ground level space.

  • Support required OSHA NEP compliance reporting with visual documentation.
  • Provide post-accident documentation to verify equipment involved met RAGAGEP and API operating standards.
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Operationalize Visual AI Corrosion Inspections Oil and Gas

Operationalize Visual AI Corrosion Inspections

Optelos is the only AI visual inspection platform that delivers the  complete end-to-end capability for developing, deploying and managing machine learning and AI asset inspection programs.

  • Link Optelos with ServiceNow, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to provide ticketing and dispatch systems with geolocation of detected defects,  improving asset reliability.
  • Automatically detect and prioritize methane leaks by streaming live video or fixed thermal images from drone technology in oil and gas into the Optelos platform.

Improve Team Collaboration By Sharing Vast Amounts of Geospatial Inspection Data

Optelos oil and gas inspection software systematically aggregates and organizes your unstructured visual data into a searchable and shareable database to enhance team collaboration and improve asset reliability.

  • Integrated data viewers allow opening and viewing large, complex 3D models and CAD files of storage tanks, oil rigs and refineries without underlying software licenses.
  • Make the data securely accessible to inspectors, site managers and compliance personnel in support of EPA & API inspections and TAR turnaround programs.
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OG Enhanced Inspection Reports

Enhanced Inspection Reports and Analysis of Piping Systems, Storage Tanks and Flare Stacks

Make precise measurements and complete detailed analysis without a site visit. Utilizing hi-res 3D Digital Twin models, engineers can complete “desktop engineering” to complete pre-project scoping and analysis in support of TAR turnaround programs.

  • Integrated measurement tools allow measurements with 1mm accuracy and .1 degree angle.
  • Review flare stack inspection reports and share detailed results with multiple contractors to support multiple bid requirements or back-up quotes.

Correlate and Contextualize Storage Tank Inspection Data

The platform’s patented algorithms utilize geolocation and timestamp metadata to organize and correlate relevant UAV in oil and gas industry asset files in any format:

  • Append 3D Digital Twin models with LiDAR and thermal sensor data for insulation damage, leak, crack and corrosion detection to improve uptime and asset reliability.
  • Use flyover feature to view all drone inspection images (visual, LiDAR, thermal, multi-spectral) of storage tank assets for detailed inspection and verification of issues severity in support of TAR turnaround maintenance actions.

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