Accelerate your digital transformation in manufacturing

Streamline asset inspections leveraging smart manufacturing digital twins

Visual asset inspection software for quickly identifying and remediating asset issues, reducing costs and turnaround times while achieving your manufacturing digital transformation goals

Robust visual data management system creates a single source of truth, eliminating disjointed data silos and enabling improved collaboration and operational efficiencies

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“8 Ways to Optimize Drone Asset Inspections: Optelos Puts Together Lessons Learned from Enterprise Clients”

Use the Optelos visual data management system for capital project and shutdown, turnaround and outage (STO) pre-project planning, project monitoring and sharing of critical asset inspection information. Leverage drone inspection data to create smart manufacturing digital twins for briefing executives on project status, reviewing issues and sharing inspection data with contractors and maintenance crews.

Support your manufacturing digital transformation goals and simplify regulatory compliance reporting by utilizing drone inspection data, 3D Digital Twin models, orthomosaic maps and automated pdf inspection reports for accurate reporting for regulatory compliance and required safety inspections. Have an auditable, time-stamped visual record archive to prove safe asset conditions and demonstrate organizational control.

Automatically process, analyze and detect corrosion using drone inspection and computer vision AI. Link Optelos visual data management software to ticketing and dispatch systems to precisely identify location of detected faults for effective remediation. Customize routing, prioritization and job assignments within our plant inspection software to match your maintenance workflow and organizational structure.

“Optelos delivered a solution that greatly improved our complex asset inspection and maintenance program across the entire organization and allowed us to manage and analyze our asset data like never before”

Matt Rachford Innovation Leader, Georgia Pacific
smart manufacturing Digital Twins for asset inspection

Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage (STO) Planning

Optimize your turnaround programs by leveraging drone inspection data in support of digital transformation in manufacturing initiatives:

  • Utilize drone inspection images and smart manufacturing digital twins to complete pre-project scoping and analysis.
  • Visually organize all facility maintenance projects by asset or geographic area, and append with relevant documentation or imagery in any file format, using our  Turnaround Advisor™ sectioning tool. 
  • Share complex CAD drawings, engineering plans and digital twin models without need for underlying software licenses using integrated file viewers.

Automate Corrosion Detection With Drone Inspection and Visual AI

Corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI) are critical asset failure conditions that require identification and repair before they are service impacting. 

  • Leverage drone inspections and computer vision AI to automate visual inspection of physical assets for corrosion and other structural issues. 
  • Integrate Optelos with ticketing and dispatch systems to provide geolocation of detected issues, directing repair efforts to the precise location of the fault.
Operationalize Visual AI Corrosion Inspections
Platform Overview Track Environmental Changes

Track Environmental Changes Over Time

Monitor and track facility leaks and retention ponds for changes over time using drone inspection to identify degrading conditions and leak expansion before they create damaging or reportable EPA incidents. 

  • Use OrthoCompare™ feature to view orthomosaic map changes over time and predict issue progression to avoid future incidents.
  • Track and predict vegetation encroachment  and other physical developments using drone inspection imagery, allowing advanced planning and project prioritization.

Create and Share Detailed 3D Digital Twin Models

  • Build best-in-class 3D point cloud models accurate to 1mm and .1 degree with our digital twin inspection software.
  • Use high resolution 3D models for accurate and detailed remote inspection to identify of equipment issues and other conditions impacting plant performance.
  • Easily annotate and securely share plant inspection results with stakeholders and 3rd party vendors to enhance team collaboration.
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Visual AI Inventory Management

Streamline visual inventory inspections and support your manufacturing digital transformation program by utilizing autonomous robots or drones with visual AI to obtain accurate, real-time inventory:

  • UAV-based Barcode/QR code scans, integrated with Optelos Inventory Module, provide accurate inventory counts.
  • Eliminate manual labor associated with inventory audits and periodic inventory counts.
  • Easily integrate with existing inventory systems to obtain real time updates.

Geolocate Issues to Streamline Trouble Ticketing and Dispatch

Optelos’ patented technology extracts exact GPS coordinates from drone inspection image metadata. The open architecture supports seamless integration with trouble ticketing and dispatch systems:

  • Connect Optelos to ServiceNow to populate the exact GPS coordinates of detected issues into trouble tickets speeding resolution of identified asset issues. 
  • Customize the Optelos workflow to match your organizational structure, assigning responsibilities and routing within the platform to ensure responsibilities and assignments are clear.
Process Mfg Ticketing
Water Discharge Thermal Mapping

Perform Water Discharge Analyses Using Multiple Data Sources

Our plant inspection software seamlessly integrates multiple data sources to provide a complete, contextualized view of your facilities and assets to support your manufacturing digital transformation goals:

  • View drone inspection thermography data overlaid on facility plans to gain additional insights into impacted wetlands, setbacks and required remediation. ​
  • You can make precise measurements and complete detailed analyses utilizing digital twin point cloud models accurate to .1mm. ​
  • Identify structural variations, areas of corrosion, measure stockpile volumes, changes in elevation, changes in thermal profile and more.​

Securely Share Data Within Compliance Standards

Optelos systematically aggregates and organizes unstructured drone inspection images and other geovisual data by creating a searchable and shareable database to enhance organizational and team collaboration. 

  • Create your own customizable data hierarchy and assign user privilege levels, ensuring critical data is accessible only to approved users. 
  • Securely share data with inspectors, site managers, 3rd party contractors, EH&S personnel and others who need it within your policy guidelines.
Process Mfg Securely Share Data