On-Demand Webinar

Hosted by BIC Magazine. Presented by Optelos and STOlogix

Watch our on-demand webinarHow new 3D digital twin models are transforming turnarounds and capital project planning” hosted by BIC Magazine. Jointly presented by Optelos CEO David Tran and STOlogix VP of Operations Sid Dickerson, this informative webinar dives into developments in digital twin technology that are enabling new efficiencies and remote capabilities for managing turnarounds and capital project planning.

This recorded 60 minute webinar covers real-world use cases showing how 3D Digital Twin models of physical assets are  used in turnaround & capital project planning processes to reduce costs, improve safety and reduce schedule delays. Learn best practices on applying 3D digital twin models to improve asset inspection insights, current condition understanding, scoping accuracy, team collaboration, communication and detailed planning.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • What’s a 3D digital twin: Definition and examples of 3D digital twin models of physical assets.
  • What’s new in 3D digital twins for O&G: New technologies that are enabling increased 3D digital twin model usage for asset inspection and TAR management.
  • Applications and use cases: Use case examples of how 3D digital twins are being used to reduce costs, improve safety and reduce schedule delays in turnarounds and capital projects.
  • Metrics and results: Results/ROI from utilizing digital twins in turnaround and capital project planning.
  • Lessons learned and best practices:  Recommendations for setting up a program to capture the metrics needed to prove the ROI on your digital transformation initiative and getting a quick win when using digital twins.

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