Commercial Roofing

Drone roof inspection software to take your commercial roofing assessments to the next level 

Use high resolution 3D Digital Twin models to reduce roof inspection costs while improving accuracy and worker safety

Highly accurate drone roof survey data improves roof assessments with more accurate material costing and project planning

Commercial roofing companies are transitioning to roof inspection by drone to more quickly and effectively perform damage assessments, identify replacement costs, evaluate takeoff plans and track roofing changes over time

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Structural and Rooftop Inspection

Get highly accurate roof assessments and takeoff plans by creating 3D Digital Twin models using roof inspection by drone data. Precisely identify roof pitch, defects and obstructions leading to more accurate quotes and material planning.

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Pre-Construction Meetings

Share interactive 3D Digital Twin models created with drone roof inspection images to illustrate your detailed approach to roofing project management, key issues observed and project phasing strategies.


Share Data and Collaborate

Our drone roof inspection software allows all internal and external stakeholders to access and view the same detailed roofing project information and 3D Digital Twin models, eliminating miscommunications between Estimating and Production or Sales and customers.

“With Optelos, we no longer have to be the lowest bid. We use the 3D models to collaborate with clients, showcasing our professionalism and strategic approach to projects.”

John Kiesel, President, Division 7 Roofing
Optelos Delivering gteeovisual inlligence Industries Commercial Roofing Data Management

Manage All Your Drone Roof Inspection Data in One Location

Manage all customer project data in one system, and easily and securely share that data with your customers, project managers, estimators and 3rd parties.

  • Share drone roof survey images, PDF reports, 2D orthomosaics, 3D Digital Twin models and roof assessments.
  • Visualize and share the project deliverables with your customers, enabling you to more clearly demonstrate your added value and win more business.

Complete Precise Measurements for Roofing Assessments

Leverage drone roof inspection images for accurate material planning and detailed roofing assessments without putting “boots on the roof” for dangerous and hard-to-reach locations.

  • Utilize hi-resolution images from drone roof surveys to create detailed 2D orthomosaic and 3D Digital Twin models that estimators can use to complete precise measurements needed for accurate quotations and roof reports.
  • Use 3D Digital Twin models to address follow-up questions without return trips to the site, reducing cost and time to complete assessments and takeoffs.
Comm Roofing Complete Precise Measurements
Comm Roofing Show Cores and Issues

Show Cores and Issues by Location

Through the use of geotagged location intelligence, always know exactly where that drone inspection image of an issue, core or measurement was taken, preventing return trips or misplaced documentation.

  • The Optelos platform automatically tags all photos by geolocation, so even if you forget to label and upload your images, you’ll always be able to find the roof inspection by drone photo you need.
  • Use Map mode (see 2D orthomosaic image) to verify complete inspection image coverage and find the drone roof inspection image needed.

Turnkey Drone Roof Inspection Services

Optelos offers complete turnkey services for drone roof inspection, including flight, image capture and 2D orthomosaic or 3D Digital Twin model creation.

  • Our professionally-produced models are accurate up to 1 mm and can be used for precise measurements, analysis and decision-making.
  • Every 2D and 3D model is verified by an Optelos image analyst, ensuring completed models meet our industry-leading quality standards.
Comm Roofing Turnkey Services
Comm Roofing Ground and Interior Building

Ground and Interior Building Inspections

Optelos seamlessly integrates Matterport 3D or any 360 panorama camera images  for walkthrough visualizations, allowing customers to append their drone roof inspection images with ground level and interior building imagery.

  • Use to remotely inspect decking and underside roof issues.
  • Integrate structural assessments, enclosed areas and insulation jobs into your roofing services and roofing reports.