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Optelos partners with companies committed to driving digital transformation. We partner with both service and solution providers as well as channel partners to offer and deliver our solution across the diverse vertical markets we serve, and fulfill our customer needs with the implementation and integration of our solution.

Optelos is committed to partnering with leading service and technology partners to ensure our customers have the best asset inspection and management solutions possible.


Optelos’ partner program offers benefits for a wide range of partners, including;

Systems Integration & Vertical Solution Providers

We’re proud to work with some of the best system integration and solution partners in the world. Our partners uniquely understand the needs of their clients and through use of Optelos’ Data and System APIs our partners rapidly adapt the Optelos solution to best meet those needs.   If you are providing cross-industry Digital Transformation services or vertical services for Oil and Gas, Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction or any of a number of other market verticals, contact us to learn more about becoming an Optelos Systems integration or Solution Provider click here.

Current Partners include:

Technology Partners

Optelos partners with the leaders in cloud computing and enterprise systems, ensuring our customers have the computing resources to meet the most demanding asset inspection and management scenarios. Occasionally, implementation of asset inspection programs require unique capabilities, such as vertical specific imagery (e.g. LiDAR, Thermal and methane detection, to name but a few).  Optelos’ extensible architecture design allows seamless integration to achieve specialized capabilities with a minimum of effort.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Optelos Technology Partner click here.

Current Partners Include:




Service Provider Partners




Many visual asset inspection programs employ the use of drones, robotics and other computer vision technologies in the collection of data.  We partner with many Drone Service Providers (DSPs) to simplify the collection of the data, and empower those DSPs to deliver more comprehensive data to their clients.   Optelos’ Drone Work Advisor allows DSPs to offer professional data and report access to their clients, including Reality Modeling, digital inspection twins, annotations and measurement of assets; and many more features.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Optelos Service Provider Partner click here.







Current Partners include:

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