Partnership will streamline and automate energy utility inspections with AI-powered analysis

Logic20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, today announced a partnership with Optelos, a leading supplier of visual data management and analysis software for asset inspection applications. This collaboration brings together Logic20/20’s expertise in AI, data strategy, cloud architecture, and technology adoption with Optelos’ innovative visual inspection platform, empowering utilities to automate the identification of assets and risks to improve safety, speed, and cost-efficiency in asset management.

As a strategic partner, Logic20/20’s role includes building strong data foundations in the cloud, integrating Optelos’ Data and System API with its existing tech stack, and executing change-management and process improvements for its utility clients. Optelos’ platform plugs in with custom models, improving performance and accuracy, and creates tailored models built for field use cases that are flexible for drone, satellite, and LiDAR imagery. Utilities will benefit from more accurate inspections that reduce the need for manual analysis and enable a proactive approach to asset maintenance.

“By combining Logic20/20’s technical and industry expertise with Optelos’ powerful asset imagery platform, we’re creating an offering that transforms utilities’ approach to inspections.”

Adam Cornille, Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics, Logic20/20

This partnership will provide Logic20/20 and Optelos customers with:

  • Streamlined and automated power utility asset inspections: Transform asset inspections through computer vision AI and machine learning.
  • AI-powered analysis: Rapidly create and deploy AI classifiers to automatically identify defect conditions, fully automating the inspection process.
  • Geolocated map defects to asset portfolio: Geolocate all defect conditions and directly map to existing GIS database for improved asset management and defect resolution.
  • Automated end-to-end workflows: Reduce costs by integrating automated data capture, inspection data management, analysis, and ticketing and dispatch into one system.
drone powerline inspection

The Optelos platform manages computer vision AI algorithms which classify and detect failure conditions by asset type, accelerating drone powerline inspection image processing to provide fast, accurate and reliable asset insights.

“By combining Logic20/20’s technical and industry expertise with Optelos’ powerful asset imagery platform, we’re creating an offering that transforms utilities’ approach to inspections,” said Adam Cornille, Senior Director of Advanced Analytics at Logic20/20. “This partnership allows us to deliver cutting-edge AI faster and with an end-to-end package that gives utilities the ability to modernize operations.”

Drone Powerline Inspection with AI

Optelos includes all the tools needed to develop, test and deploy AI analytics machine learning to automate any visual inspection process and direct actions to the precise GPS location of the defect.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Logic20/20 to provide Optelos’ industry-leading visual data management and AI analytics capabilities to the power utility industry,” said Ed Sztuka, CRO of Optelos. “Logic20/20’s partnership advances our cloud-architecture and data-engineering capabilities for utilities, leveraging their team’s deep domain expertise, to automate powerline inspection programs by developing, deploying, managing, and retraining their computer vision AI models in a single platform.”

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