Digital transformation of inspection software for manufacturing

Leverage the latest technology advancements to increase safety, improve accuracy and reduce costs

Use 3D Digital Twins, drone inspections and AI to modernize and transform your manufacturing facility inspections

Inspection software for manufacturing is evolving as visual data management systems like Optelos provide new capabilities to maintenance organizations, leading to greater efficiencies and safety improvements while reducing costs.  Drone inspections enable maintenance teams to oversee large sites quickly and inexpensively, using the high resolution images to monitor difficult or dangerous to reach areas without impacting production processes.  These images can also be used to build high resolution point cloud models (3D Digital Twins), which can also be used for inspections, planning maintenance, capital improvement projects, and completing detailed measurements.

  • Real-time Analysis and Predictive Maintenance:  Drone imagery can be automatically uploaded into Optelos for computer vision AI analysis for real-time detection of excessive corrosion and identification of safety hazards, predicting corrosion progression and scheduling priority repair before detected issues become operational incidents.
  • 360º Visual Inspections: Manual inspections of facilities are required for safe plant operations, but these “boots on the ground” inspections cannot always see all facets of a site, especially equipment that’s at elevation, not viewable from the ground or operates at high temperatures. Drone inspection can append traditional inspection methods, providing high resolution images that can be analyzed remotely or transformed into 3D Digital Twin models, creating an immersive 3D inspection model that captures the state of all equipment on a site at a single point in time.
  • Site Oversight and Planning: A Digital Twin of a manufacturing site can be used for precise measurements of any asset on the plant, because a 3D Digital Twin is made using photogrammetry, a method of creating a 3D model containing millions of data points from 2D images and their EXIF data. These 3D point cloud models can be used for pre-planning maintenance activities, expansion plans, security vulnerability oversight, ingress and egress routes, or any other application that is currently relying on a large 2D site image, often on a conference room wall.

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“Optelos delivered a solution that greatly improved our complex asset inspection and maintenance program across the entire organization and allowed us to manage and analyze our asset data like never before”

Matt Rachford Innovation Leader, Georgia Pacific
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Implement Predictive Maintenance

Optelos’ visual data management platform revolutionizes facility inspections by combining real-time monitoring with predictive maintenance capabilities via AI integration. Build and manage computer vision AI models within Optelos to detect and categorize corrosion classes, enabling instant detection and prediction of potential maintenance issues, maximizing asset lifespan and minimizing costly downtime.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Instant, comprehensive surveillance of your facility’s asset condition, identifying potential maintenance issues as they emerge.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Anticipate potential equipment failures, facilitating preemptive maintenance and avoiding unplanned downtime utilizing computer vision AI.
  • Optimized Asset Lifespan: Enhance asset lifespan and overall operational efficiency by eliminating unscheduled maintenance.

    Improve Inspection Accuracy 

    Optelos’ digital twin platform enhances inspection efficiency and accuracy in facility inspections. By creating a dynamic, real-time replica of your facility, our platform allows proactive identification and resolution of potential risks, streamlining operations and safeguarding your assets.

    • Enhanced Efficiency: Digitally transform inspection processes, identify potential issues swiftly and reduce time spent on routine checks.
    • Proactive Risk Management: Preemptively identify and manage potential risks, reducing downtime and improving safety.
    • Asset Protection: Safeguard your assets by extending their lifespan and operational efficiency.
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      Data Access for Data-Driven Decisions

      Often the most difficult aspect of completing a digital transformation of asset inspection is the data management. The most common issue with enterprises adopting drone inspection is how to manage (and find) the data and imagery. Optelos automates data storage and organization, linking it to your specific workflows and enterprise structure.  

      • Data Collation: Our platform aggregates and organizes data from any source and places it into a consistent and predictable structure, enabling anyone to find and access the data they need.
      • Customizable Jobs and Tasks: The Optelos platform can be utilized to operationalize your digital asset inspection program by creating routine jobs and tasks integrated into your teams’ workflow.
      • Integrated Data Viewers: Many types of files that can be stored in the Optelos platform require specialized software and user licenses, which inhibit access. Optelos includes data viewers that enable anyone to open and view CAD files, 3D models, orthomosaic maps, LiDAR scans, thermographic images and other file types without any other software licenses.