Upgrade your EHS Software for Manufacturing with Digital Twins

Use drone inspection and 3D digital twins to improve safety, reduce costs and streamline processes

Drone inspection and Digital Twins make a positive impact on EHS for manufacturing.

In the process manufacturing industry, EHS software for manufacturing is an important tool for maintaining robust Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards. It is not just a legal requirement, but it’s also a way to foster a culture of safety that minimizes environmental impact and reduces costs. Optelos’ visual inspection data management platform offers a scalable, powerful solution that supports these objectives while delivering new capabilities to streamline and simplify reporting.

Use our manufacturing inspection software to create a detailed digital representation of your facility using imagery from drones, and append that model with mobile images and IoT sensor data to provide a comprehensive and real-time view of your operations. This digital twin is more than just a virtual replica; it’s a powerful EHS tool for safety management, environmental monitoring, and risk reduction.

  • Enhance Safety and Minimize Risk – Visualize potential hazards in a risk-free, virtual environment. Ensure safety issues are flagged instantly, enhancing the welfare of your workforce.
  • Monitor Environmental Impact – Track water emissions, waste accumulation, identify areas of improvement and implement effective changes.
  • Track Changes Over Time – Utilize the Multi-Ortho Overlay™ feature to perform water discharge analyses, verify retention pond status and site emissions.

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“8 Ways to Optimize Drone Asset Inspections: Optelos Puts Together Lessons Learned from Enterprise Clients”

“Once we put the Optelos data management solution in place, we have been able to improve inspection accuracy and efficiency and provide our clients with the data they need to better manage their assets, their inspection cycles and make more informed decisions. Optelos has taken our program to the next level.”

Grey Johnson, Director of TSG, Legacy PSG
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Improve Safety

Optelos’ digital twin platform revolutionizes safety management in process manufacturing by creating a dynamic, real-time replica of your facility, facilitating instant identification and management of potential hazards. By leveraging real-time data, our platform enables proactive safety measures, reduces risk, and optimizes overall operational conditions.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Get a 360-degree view of your facility and its operational conditions, enabling immediate response to any emerging safety issues.
  • Predictive Capabilities: Through machine learning algorithms, predict potential equipment failures or safety risks, allowing corrective measures before a failure occurs.
  • Proactive Safety Management: Share detailed 3D Digital Twin models with SMEs and outside consultants to identify risks earlier, reducing remediation costs and exhibiting organizational control and oversight. 

    Perform Water Discharge Analyses Using Multiple Data Sources

    Our visual data management system compliments your EHS software for manufacturing to provide a complete, contextualized view of your facilities and assets to support your environmental, health and safety compliance goals and reporting requirements:

    • View drone inspection thermographic data overlaid on facility plans to gain additional insights into impacted wetlands, setbacks and required remediation. ​
    • Make precise measurements and complete detailed analyses utilizing digital twin point cloud models with pinpoint accuracy. ​
    • Identify berm variations, monitor erosion progression, holding ponds, changes in elevation, changes in thermal profile and more.​
      EHS software for manufacturing

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