Cell Tower Inspection Audits

Ensuring the structural integrity of telecom towers in accordance with TIA-222

Adherence to TIA-222 Standards

Tower inspection audits are a vital process for cell tower owners and carriers, which involves a comprehensive examination of the structural integrity of telecommunication towers to identify potential risks and prevent any unplanned downtimes. Governed by the Telecommunications Industry Association, the TIA-222 Standard has been in existence for over 60 years and is regularly updated to support new technologies and evolving industry needs.  Tower inspections in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-222 standard are comprehensive structural inspections that include examining mounts, cables, foundations, grounding and assessing the tower’s ability to withstand environmental impacts from wind, snow, ice, lightening and seismic activity for its specific location. The TIA-222 Standard provides guidelines to ensure towers can withstand environmental stresses and operational demands, making adherence to these regulations crucial for safety and compliance.

The Evolution of Cell Tower Inspection Audits in The Digital Age

Tower inspection audits conducted under the TIA-222-H Standard (2017) involve detailed analysis of a tower’s structural design, and the fabrication of new or the modification of existing antenna supporting structures. These inspections are made much easier through digitalization programs, which utilize drones for gathering the visual inspection data, building 3D digital twin models of the tower and site structures, and utilizing AI and software tools like Optelos for managing and analyzing the data to streamline and automate the process. 

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“Once we put the Optelos data management solution in place, we have been able to improve inspection accuracy and efficiency and provide our clients with the data they need to better manage their assets, their inspection cycles and make more informed decisions. Optelos has taken our program to the next level.”

Grey Johnson, Director of TSG, Legacy PSG
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Tower Inspection Audit Visualization

Access and view cell tower inspection audit data in context, speeding cross-functional team analysis, insights and fault resolution:

  • Built-in data viewers for all document types, such as cell tower drone inspection images, videos, PDFs, panoramas, 2D ortho maps, 3D digital twin models, MS Office documents, and many more formats.
  • Dashboards organize and standardize data access and analysis, streamlining workflows and ensuring all required data is available and accessible.
  • Complete detailed measurement and analysis of existing tower conditions using Digital Twin models, accurate at the millimeter level, improving certainty and reducing the need for return site visits.

      Streamline Site Assessment Workflow

      • Manage the entire end-to-end workflow of any cell tower inspection audit with customizable dashboards and automated document routing.
      • Review and validate project details necessary for tower planning, expansion, or addressing performance issues.
      • Track the status of all cell tower sites in a customizable dashboard using our Telco Site Assessment feature.
      EHS software for manufacturing

      Tower Inspection Audits are critical for ensuring the structural integrity and safety of telecom towers. By adhering to TIA 222 standards and utilizing advanced drone technology and the Optelos data management platform, tower owners and carriers can conduct these audits more efficiently and effectively and at a lower cost.

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