Cell Tower Post-Construction Closeouts

Streamline post-construction closeouts through drone inspection, 3D Digital Twins and workflow automation 

Validating Construction Quality and Specification Adherence

Cell tower post-construction closeout is a critical step to ensure that tower installations and upgrades have been completed correctly and to specification. This phase involves using drones to inspect the tower, capturing detailed imagery to verify that all work has been completed in compliance with project specifications.

Drone-Assisted Verification of Construction Work

Drones play a pivotal role in cell tower post-construction closeouts by capturing imagery which is used to build precise 3D Digital Twin models, which enable precise measurements of the completed tower with all installed equipment. Digital twin models can be used to validate construction was completed as contracted by comparing construction drawings to as-builts 3D digital twin models. This method not only increases post-construction closeout program accuracy, but also speeds up the verification process to ensure all required corrective actions are documented and completed within the warranty period.

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“The Optelos platform immediately identified variations between the intended tower design and the actual final construction, allowing us to ensure the site was constructed properly before sign off, which eliminated significant cost in out of warranty rework.”

Manager, Tier 1 Telecom Provider
Post-Construction Closeout

Streamline and Automate Post-Construction Closeout Workflow

Optelos’ data management, data correlation, dashboards and analytics capabilities allow all relevant data sources such as drone data, RF design specifications, and construction drawings to be geolocated to each cell site, improving team collaboration and enabling expedited cell tower post-construction closeout procedures. The Optelos platform also provides a full suite of data visualization, analysis, and interactive dashboard tools allowing identification and comparison of antenna azimuth, down-tilt, boom angles, encroachment, and other tower conditions that impact network performance. 

      Compare As-Built to Engineering Drawings

      • Compare CAD design documents to as-built 3D Digital Twin models side-by-side to rapidly identify variances to contracted design specifications.
      • Quickly detect and flag installation issues, discrepancies, and missed build requirements before they are service impacting and within the vendor warranty period.
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