Telecom Lease Assessment

Maximizing tower space utilization by optimizing antenna placement and structural asset management

Evaluating Available Space for Optimal Equipment Placement

Telecom lease assessment is a critical process performed by tower owners and carriers to determine the available space on RAD Centers for additional equipment. This assessment is vital for efficiently managing tower space and planning future expansions for maximizing revenue for tower owners and delivering optimal cell tower RAN performance at the lowest cost to carriers.

The Role of Digital Twin Models in Lease Assessment

Drones provide an innovative solution for lease assessments by capturing detailed imagery of the tower, which are used for building precise 3D digital twin models. These models enable reviewers to precisely determine what space is available on leased platform levels, helping make informed decisions about equipment placement for new and existing lease agreements.

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    “8 Ways to Optimize Drone Asset Inspections: Optelos Puts Together Lessons Learned from Enterprise Clients”

    “Optelos has been critical in our PIM mitigation project by identifying issues from the desktop and allowing us to share large, detailed 3D models with our distributed turf vendors in real-time to come to agreement and make decisions immediately. We’ve cut our required onsite time by more than 50%.”

    Manager, Tier 1 Telecom Provider
    STO Planning Software

    Strategic Planning for Equipment Additions and Space Utilization

    Optimize the use of available space utilizing digital twin models. Tower owners and carriers can strategically plan for adding new equipment to towers within the tower’s capacity and adheres to structural limits and within wind and load specifications. Identify available free mounts within available space allocations. 

        Streamlined Lease Assessments

        Optelos’ drone data management platform enhances the lease assessment process by providing a clear and accurate visualization of the current tower equipment configuration. This allows for fast, efficient space management and aids in the decision-making process regarding whether new leases for equipment additions are required. Verify billing accuracy by comparing between consecutive surveys or contracted versus installed equipment.

            EHS software for manufacturing

            Lease assessment is an essential process for managing tower space and planning for future equipment installations. Utilizing drones and 3D digital twin technology, coupled with advanced data management platforms like Optelos, tower owners and carriers have the tools they need for effective and efficient lease assessments.

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