Cell Tower PIM Mitigation 

Leverage drone data and advanced analytics to pinpoint and resolve PIM interference issues

Enhancing PIM Mitigation Through Drone Technology and Data Analysis

Addressing Passive Intermodulation (PIM) effectively is crucial for network performance. Optelos stands out in this field by combining expert drone operations with a robust data analysis platform. This approach offers a comprehensive solution for PIM mitigation, focusing on identifying and resolving interference issues with greater precision and efficiency.

Drone-Based Scanning for Accurate PIM Detection

The initial step in PIM mitigation involves scanning the tower to build a detailed model. Optelos’ skilled drone pilots conduct these scans meticulously, ensuring comprehensive coverage and high-resolution data capture. This method is more efficient than traditional approaches, providing a thorough understanding of the tower’s condition and potential PIM interference sources.

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“8 Ways to Optimize Drone Asset Inspections: Optelos Puts Together Lessons Learned from Enterprise Clients”

“Optelos has been critical in our PIM mitigation project by identifying issues from the desktop and allowing us to share large, detailed 3D models with our distributed turf vendors in real-time to come to agreement and make decisions immediately. We’ve cut our required onsite time by more than 50%.”

Manager, Tier 1 Telecom Provider
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Advanced Data Analysis for Identifying Interference Sources

Utilizing drone imagery and 3D Digital Twin models, Optelos’ visual data management platform plays a crucial role in enabling the collaborative analysis to identify asset conditions, obstructions and nearby physical environments that are contributing to PIM. This level of detailed analysis is vital for developing effective mitigation actions.

      Streamlined Workflow for Effective PIM Resolution

      Optelos’ end-to-end solution streamlines the entire PIM mitigation process, capturing inspection results in a customizable workflow for efficient standard work procedures. From the initial drone flight to the final data analysis, each step is optimized for efficiency and clarity. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures that any PIM issues are addressed quickly and effectively, maintaining network reliability and performance.

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          For telecom professionals well-versed in PIM mitigation, Optelos offers a distinct advantage. By leveraging expert drone operations and a powerful data management platform, Optelos enhances the PIM mitigation process, leading to better outcomes and improved network performance.

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