Cell Tower Mount Analysis

Optimizing antenna placement utilizing 3D digital twins and AI analytics

Strategic Positioning for Optimal Cell Tower Mount Analysis Performance

Cell tower mount analysis is a crucial activity performed by carriers to determine the most effective locations for mounting their antennas and other network elements based on physical constraints and structural requirements.  Engineers can use 3D digital twins to determine optimal equipment placement based on loading conditions. 

Importance of Weight and Physical Profile Analysis

Understanding the weight and physical profile of antenna groups is vital in mount analysis. This information helps in assessing whether a particular RAD Center can support the antenna both physically and functionally, taking into account factors like wind, ice, load capacity and spatial constraints.

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“8 Ways to Optimize Drone Asset Inspections: Optelos Puts Together Lessons Learned from Enterprise Clients”

“Optelos has been critical in our PIM mitigation project by identifying issues from the desktop and allowing us to share large, detailed 3D models with our distributed turf vendors in real-time to come to agreement and make decisions immediately. We’ve cut our required onsite time by more than 50%.”

Manager, Tier 1 Telecom Provider

cell tower mount analysis

Automate Mount and Structural Analysis

Using the platform’s AI capabilities, engineering teams can perform mount and structural analysis to simulate antenna placement options, or generate a CAD from the 3D digital twin representing the current actual state of the tower to make informed decisions about load balancing and optimal new antenna placement in accordance with ANSI/TIA-222-H standards. 

      Analyze, Track and Monitor Tower Assets

      Perform analysis on communication tower mounts, generate sector frames, platforms, T-arms and more leveraging a large library of typical industry mounts. Auto-generate load and load combinations. Design your cell tower mounts in accordance to TIA-222-H and leverage shape file antenna and mount databases for North America (US, Canada, Mexico) Europe (UK, Germany), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, China, and South Africa.

      EHS software for manufacturing

      Mount analysis is essential for carriers to optimize antenna placement on telecom towers. The integration of drone technology with an advanced data management solution like Optelos enhances the precision and efficiency of these analyses, leading to better network performance and compliance with structural and regulatory requirements, such as TIA-222-H.

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