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Upstream, mid-stream or down-stream, infrastructure is part of a rigorous maintenance and inspection process.  The advent of drones for visual inspection has brought significant cost and labor reductions. But with the vast amounts of visual data collected, significant challenges remain in storing, managing, analyzing and acting on that data.

These new robust data sets need to be effectively managed in order to better identify emerging conditions, automate and streamline maintenance and inspection processes and develop the digital models necessary to further optimize business operations.

How Optelos Addresses these Issues

Optelos is designed from the ground up to specifically address these challenges.  The platform effectively manages massive amounts of post capture, real time data from any number of sources such as fixed cameras, videos or other sources. That data is instantaneously processed and annotated for manual investigation purposes or processed through Optelos’ AI engine for rapid automated analysis and action.  When Optelos is integrated to Manufacturing ERP, MRP, Inventory and other factory systems, real, sustainable and continuous improvements can be achieved.

Example Use Cases

Automotive Assembly Inspections.  Final and sub assembly inspections of manufactured assets in an automotive assembly line can be significantly improved through AI based visual inspection.  When effectively implemented, visual inspection can lead to higher overall quality, increased tact time, reduce labor cost and better inventory control.

Stockpiles and Stockyard Inventory Management. Manufacturing operations that involve large volumes of raw materials such as aggregates, mining materials or forestry materials have long had the problem of accurately determining the volume of these materials and how they are changing overtime. Optelos ingests drone, fixed, and mobile camera images to create digital inspection twins that can be used to accurately determine volume and other conditions of materials and assets.  Optelos supports a wide variety of reality modeling capabilities and techniques to perform accurate volumetric measurements. 

Warehouse and Material Inventory. Large warehouse, distribution centers and locations with large amounts of rapidly changing materials can benefit significantly by real-time AI-assisted visual inspection. Optelos AI capabilities can track movement of materials, missing assets and asset levels to improve inventory management and reduce the associated material handling labor costs.  Optelos easily integrates to existing ERP, MRP and inventory management systems to streamline workflows and information flow. 

Optelos is the ideal solution for any manufacturing and inventory management process where visual inspection techniques can be applied.  The ability of the Optelos platform to create digital inspection twins of manufacturing assets enables digital transformation initiatives to be supported by the manufacturing organization, yielding greater long term business improvements.

Key Optelos Benefits in Manufacturing 

Visual Data Management

Vast amounts of data can be easily loaded into Optelos from any source.  It is then organized, correlated, and transformed into a digital inspection twin, a digital representation of physical assets searchable and sharable through our patented data management core immediately make effective use of the data.

Data Visualization and Reality Modeling

Optelos provides a unified method to view and analyze asset data, accessible to all stakeholders.  Easily view, annotate, tag, measure all your asset data through the Optelos’ intuitive interface.  This enables technicians within the manufacturing cell to quickly identify issues and take action. 

Operationalize Inspection Results

With high quality visual data being collected additional benefits can be realized by automating workflows and sharing digital asset information across the organization.  Optelos data and system APIs support system interoperability and automated workflow to streamline operations, such as accurate updates to quality records and accurate accounting of inventory.

Automation Fault Identification

Optelos now makes it possible to automate decisions and identify faults that would take significant manpower to identify. With Optelos Artificial Intelligence capability, images of raw materials Work in Process (WIP) materials and finished goods can be analyzed in ways never before possible. Whether it be part of a manufacturing process, warehoused material or in stock yards or distribution facilities the data can be processed to automatically identify critical fault conditions and inventory levels.

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