Visually represent and act on the data in a highly intuitive and immersive user interface.  Instead of discrete images and videos, visual inspection data is tightly integrated through geo-located imagery, mapping, and the transformed data elements for rich context and insights for Digital Inspection Twin applications.

The Optelos Digital Inspection platform allows knowledge workers to rapidly visualize and evaluate assets using an integrated and immersive visual experience:



3D Reality Model

Utilize the integrated Optelos Reality Data Model feature to generate realistic 3D models or upload 3rd party models directly into Optelos.  The Optelos 3D Model visualizer provides industry leading tools to view, inspect, measure, annotate and label directly on 3D models. This data is persisted in our Digital Inspection Twin and becomes easily searchable and shareable.


Compare and Overlay Detail Orthomosaics

Generate and view detailed Orthomosaic maps, representing different time periods, for complete worksite visibility, asset inspection, and change management.   Seamlessly combine, overlay, compare, and measure alongside geo-located imagery for rich visual inspection context. 

Interactive Image Inspection

Utilizing Deep Zoom technology for blazing fast image inspection that supports up to 20GB image size for the most detail inspection of any platform in the industry.  Images are automatically geo-located on maps and can be linked on 3D models and orthomosaics for rich context.   Advance annotation tools are available to tag and even measure directly on images.

Video and Panoramas

Manage, view, and annotate on 4K Videos and high-resolution panoramas all linked together through our Digital Inspection Twin. 


Office and Document Viewers

Easily manage and view Microsoft Office, PDF, and other popular formats alongside images, videos, and reality models for complete visibility.


Powerful Data Search and Filter

Data is power when it can be easily located and harnessed to drive visual inspection insights.  Optelos Digital Inspection Twin technology enables all data to become searchable with powerful filters, search engine, and dashboards to provide immediate insights.

The Optelos solution provides a highly integrated suite of data visualization, modeling and measurement tools that work in concert, offering a seamless and immersive inspection workflow.

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