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Patented Visual Data Management


We empower users to act on data through a single pane of glass

Visualize and Act on All Your Data through a Single Pane of Glass

Eliminate disparate point tools for good.  Instead of discrete images, videos, and 3D Models, visual inspection data is tightly integrated in a single pane of glass to deliver rich context and insights for all asset inspection applications.

Our Unique Benefits

Fully integrated data visualization tools to allow stakeholders to visualize and act on data.


One platform to manage, annotate, tag, and share all your visual data

Open and seamless workflow for creating, viewing, and collaborating on 3D reality models

identify issues and speed resolution through AI Computer Vision

Secure collaboration and multiple privilege levels

The foundation of any visual data management program

Optelos patented technology combines visual data management, data visualization, and automated AI computer vision, to deliver targeted business insights at scale

Visual Data Management

Securely manage, organize, view, and share data


Integrated support for many document formats such as images, 4K videos, panoramas, 3D point clouds, Orthomosaic maps, Office documents, PDFs, and many more.

Detail Job Assignments

Create and assign tasks to ensure quality


Create custom work order Jobs and Task assignments to help ensure all field activities are performed. 

Create templates for future use, associate documents to tasks, and print work orders.

GeoVisual Data Analysis

Securely manage, organize, view, and share data


Patented Geo-Visual data to locate imagery on detail Orthomosaic maps, compare, and overlay changes over time.

Provides rich context for all geo referenced data,  edit and tag imagery, and quickly search and filter results.


Visualize and Compare Orthomooaics

Compare and Overlay Detail Maps


Powerful OrthoCompare™ feature allows you to compare  Orthomosaic maps. to perform change detect and audits.

Overlay maps to quickly visualize site progress overtime using our Multi OrthoOverlay™ feature. 

Point Cloud and 3D Mesh

Visualize and Interrogate 3D Models


View and interrogate 3D models to perform precise measurements, volumetrics, azimuth, tilt, and many more tools.

Upload your own 3D models or utilize Optelos to provide turnkey model creation.  


AI Analytics

Automated AI Based Inspections


Integrated AI Analytics to quickly detect issues.  Use Optelos provide AI libraries or integrate to your own AI.

Powerful and integrated tools that tags results and rapidly search, filter, and locate issues through dashboards.

Operationalize AI

Complete AI Workflow to Label, Train, and Deploy AI


Empower data scientists, business analysts, and stakeholders with integrated data labeling, AI classifier training, and AI deployment tools for complete AI workflow.

Open AI Marketplace to add 3rd party AI classifiers to support any use case and industry applications. 


Work Order Ticketing

Generate Work Orders and Tickets


Seamlessly generate Work Orders and dispatch tickets to streamline resoluton.

Integrate with existing Asset Management Systems such as SAP, IBM Maximo, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Better Decisions through Visual Data and AI

Enterprises can significantly reduce cost through operationalizing digital transformation and application specific AI. 

Visual Data Management

Elegantly organize, store, share, search, and annotate any visual data including images, videos, 3D point cloud,  Orthomosaic maps, and panoramas

Unified Data Visualization

Robust set of data visualization tools to view, measure, and analyze all types of data.  Automatically create accurate 3D reality models to uncover new insights

AI Computer Vision

Fully extendable AI platform automatically identifies issues down to pixel level and apply business rules into a complete visual workflow to isolate and remediate issues

Share and Collaborate

Secure collaboration, Enterprise Single Sign On,  and flexible user privilege levels provide all stakeholders unique access to make decisions and eliminate operational silos

System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Trouble Ticketing, dispatch, inventory, and other internal support systems to enable custom workflows and deliver sustainable results

Asset Management

Open Data APIs for seamless integration with EAM systems such as IBM Maximo, SAP, and Infor to deliver faster business intelligence

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