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Optelos CEO to deliver keynote address at EDRC Digital Twin Summit – October 27, 2021

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Optelos, an integrated data management and AI analytics platform that transforms visual inspection data into actionable insights, will take part in the EDRC Digital Twin Summit with the company’s CEO, David Tran, delivering a keynote address. The summit will be taking place on October 27th, 2021 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott in Houston, Texas. The focus of the summit centers around industry leaders sharing best practices on how to leverage new digital twin technology to reduce costs, improve productivity of site Turnarounds and Shutdowns.

Tran will be kicking off the morning session talking about “Utilizing Digital Twins to Reduce Turnaround/Shutdown planning and execution costs.”  Optelos uses a patented technology to geolocate and correlate asset inspection data, organizing vast amounts of unstructured data into an intuitive, contextualized and searchable database to streamline analysis and AI powered inspections.  Tran will discuss how Optelos is helping  businesses to operationalize and automate their asset inspection programs and turnaround activity, realizing cost and time savings benefits. Optelos customers have experienced up to a 70% reduction in asset inspection time and 3X growth in asset inspection capacity by augmenting their inspection processes.

Tran will speak on real world use cases and best practices learned through direct work with customers in the energy industry. He will emphasize the importance of leveraging digital twins and geolocating all available data sources to speed asset inspections and optimize turnaround/shutdown activity.  The ability to operationalize the inspection process, fully utilizing digital twins and AI is where many of the challenges we see today lie. There is no other solution available today that allows all the many disparate data sources to come together to solve the most difficult asset inspection challenges.

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