Digital Transformation Leaders Share Best Practices at EDRC and XR Forum Digital Twin Summit

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Optelos CEO David Tran presented the opening keynote address to an engaged audience at the Energy Drone and Robotics Coalition (EDRC) and Industrial XR Forum’s Digital Twin Summit last month. The Industrial Digital Twin Summit was part of the weeklong Industrial XR Global Summit held at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Houston, TX, which featured presentations from companies such as Optelos that are leading the digital transformation of asset inspection in the energy sector. You can view his presentation below.

EDRC Pres Title

David’s presentation on “Utilizing Digital Twins to Reduce Turnaround/Shutdown Planning and Execution Costs” is a top-of-mind issue to many in the energy sector, as turnarounds and shutdowns are part of the normal cadence of scheduled maintenance programs in this asset intensive industry.  Many issues, however, remain despite the time and attention paid to streamlining and improving on the efficiency these complex and expensive operations. David highlighted that turnarounds, or “TAR” in the industry vernacular, generally follow a 5-step approach (Scoping, Preparation, Execution, Startup and Review), with problems that routinely occur in each of the phases.  By utilizing digital twins and digital transformation tools, maintenance organizations can avoid some of these common pitfalls and make their TAR procedures more effective.

TAR 5 Phases
Strategic View

Tran’s presentation went further to showcase how tools and capabilities found in asset inspection data management platforms such as Optelos can be effectively leveraged to solve many of the persistent issues around collaboration, complete information sharing, detailed project visibility, project progress, oversight tracking and communicating safety protocols. For example, Optelos’ new Turnaround Advisor sectioning tool allows enterprises to visually separate their operating sites into sub-sections, effectively grouping all TAR information by project in a visually intuitive manner, improving communication and team collaboration. Vital information such as project schedules, daily maintenance plans, spec sheets, engineering CAD drawings, video inspection results and other useful documentation can all be appended to relevant equipment on a 3D digital twin at the site level. This provides a strategic dashboard for managing and viewing all concurrent turnaround activities, which can be shared broadly and viewed simultaneously from multiple locations, keeping everyone aligned and in step on project details.  

This was one of several turnaround-enhancing capabilities highlighted in the Optelos platform. If you would like to learn more about how the Optelos platform can help your organization become more effective and efficient in completing shutdowns and turnarounds, please contact us at or fill out the form below. Let us help you start your digital transformation journey and realize significant cost savings in your asset management programs.

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