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Enterprise Asset Inspection

Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor™ and Drone Work Advisor™ is a SaaS based Asset Digitalization platform focused on Enterprise Asset Inspection of any type.

We transform  images and videos into a structured, searchable digital matrix and acts on the data through a variety of AI analytics, data visualizations, decision support workflows that is more efficient and effective than any other method of assessment. 

Asset digitalization platform

Operationalize your asset inspection processes from data collection to AI-powered detection and remediation.

  • Drone Inspection and Data Management

  • Manufacturing Asset Inspections

  • Fixed Cameras and IoT Sensors


Images and videos from sources such as drones and connected camera are linked and correlated to deliver rich context and faster insights


Optelos Digital Asset Matrix turns unstructured data into highly searchable and connected datasets


All inspection data is fully searchable, AI dashboard ready, and shareable to stakeholders

Unified Asset Inspection Workflow, Visualization, and AI Analytics 

AI Power Inspection

Purpose built AI to detect issues down to pixel level for any industry

Powerful 3D Point Cloud

The industry’s most powerful Point Cloud viewer.  Easily measure, annotate, and add labels.

Geo-Locate Data

Intuitive image markers, bulk annotations, and image overlays provide powerful context to inspection projects.  Quickly filter and search on data to deliver actionable insights.

Integrated 3D Viewer

Tag, annotate, and measure on 2D Images.   Easily search using intuitive dashboards and filters.

Unified Data Management

Upload any data, any size, from anywhere. All managed on a single platform with built-in viewers for images, videos, panoramas, PDF, Office documents, and more.

Compare Orthomosaics

Innovative OrthoCompare technology quickly compares 2D Orthomosaic maps using side-by-side compare tool or overlay maps to see changes over time.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Measure Down Tilt and Azimuth

  • Search  on issues, annotations, and tasks

  • Create detail Job tasks

  • Fast image zoom

  • Bulk task assignment

  • Annotate and label Panoramas

  • Multi-Tenant

  • Tag video cue-points

  • HTML and PDF Reports

  • Global search

  • Measure on 2D images

  • Dashboards


Raise your Asset IQ

The industry’s most advance AI Power Visual Asset Inspection solution

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“This is the Best Asset Inspection Software I have ever seen.”

“WOW I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best Asset Inspection platform  I have ever seen.  We needed to inspection thousands of sites and  Optelos helped us implement a fully digitalized asset inspection program that integrates with our OSS system.  AMAZING!” – Zain Industry

We work with large enterprise customers looking to dramatically reduce costs and increase agility by automating visual inspection of all types.

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