Optelos awarded patent for data capabilities that combine legacy asset information with new imagery & metadata to create a unique 3D digital twin. The resultant digital inspection twin acts as the high-performance engine for Optelos’ digital inspection platform. Optelos’ solution delivers “single screen” reality modeling, in-process AI for greater throughput and accuracy, and operational integration and workflow to streamline processes to enable the digital transformation of asset inspection. 

As enterprises seek to modernize visual inspection of their industrial assets and the associated management/response of inspections, unstructured image data and narrowly-focused software solutions are impeding their progress. Due to the difficulty of producing visual digital twins (a digital representation of physical objects) using legacy and unstructured image data, most enterprises struggle with data silos or data islands, with valuable asset inspection information stranded on USB sticks or remote desktops.

As a result, it is very costly and cumbersome to equip inspection teams with a “single screen” to view and evaluate physical assets, then respond to the results of the inspections.  And data islands caused by the proliferation of point tools makes sharing of digital asset information across the organization extremely difficult and time-consuming. 

Optelos’ visual data management platform, made possible by the company’s patented technology, contextualizes and transforms that data into a unified database, to deliver a complete data visualization and AI analytics workflow.  The company’s patented technologies provide critical capabilities for creating and maintaining relevant metadata, augmentations, relationships and correlations.  The resulting digital twin is fully searchable and shareable; capable of powering enterprise scale digital asset inspection transformation.

Commenting on the patent, Kevin McKeand, CEO said, “The patent award recognizes Optelos inventions we made that make digital inspection twins possible.  Without our innovations it will be exceedingly difficult for competitors to create a data foundation sufficiently robust to meet the demands of digital asset transformations.”     

Optelos, the preferred solution for major companies seeking to organize, analyze and act on digital asset information at scale.

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NATE Unite 2024

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