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Rapid issue identification and resolution for ENERGY

Whether it be upstream, mid-stream or down-stream assets, most every physical asset associated with Energy infrastructure is part of a rigorous maintenance and inspection schedule.  The advent of drones for visual inspection activity has brought significant cost and labor reductions. But with the vast amounts of visual data collected, significant challenges remain in storing, managing, analyzing and making decisions on that data.

These new robust data sets need to be effectively managed in order to better identify emerging conditions, automate and streamline maintenance and inspection processes and develop the digital models necessary to further optimize business operations.

How Optelos Addresses these Issues

Handling large and complex data sets, high resolution images and videos is what Optelos does best. It then organizes that data so its easily categorized, searchable and sharable for collaboration among various stakeholders.  But most importantly Optelos allows that data to be quickly analyzed by field operations, offsite analysts or through Optelos artificial intelligence capability.  Either way it leads to rapid identification of issues and rapid trouble resolution that can be immediately dispatched and repaired or monitored for longer term degradation.

Key Optelos Benefits in Utilities Inspection and Maintenance Operations

Flyview Capability

When you’re collecting visual data over large distances its critical to GPS locate every image along the way for identification and dispatch purposes. Optelos’ Flyview capability provides the ability to see a drones complete flight path and assign specific conditions, measurements, annotations, tags and notes to each individual image so they can be quickly searched and identified for further analysis and enable dispatches to exact locations.

Superior Visualization

The Optelos platform provides numerous options for visualizing captured images and videos allowing various infrastructure conditions to be more easily identified. Optelos creates 2D and 3D models, orthomosaics and 3D point clouds which are the basis for digital inspection twins.  These digital twins then serve as the basis for long-term digital transformation initiatives.

AI that Speeds Trouble Resolution

With Optelos Artificial Intelligence capability its now possible to automate decisions and identify faults that would take significant manpower to identify.  With the collected data Optelos Artificial Intelligence capability can be used to automate the identification of critical fault conditions, vegetation encroachment, birds’ nests and equipment problems like bad solar panels, cracked insulators and more.

Live Video Feeds

Optelos Live look allows real-time video streams to be established between analysts and field technicians and contractors so that issues can be diagnosed real-time, speeding complex trouble resolution.

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