Asset Inspections more vital than ever during the Coronavirus Crisis:

Performing Visual Asset Inspections in a (more) remote world

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Inspection challenges in a (more) remote world

With “stay at home” orders in place during the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises search for innovative ways to continue essential asset inspections while ensuring the safety of their workers. The ongoing Coronavirus crisis has created huge challenges for many industries. Critical infrastructure, manufacturing and industrial plants, and utilities and energy are just some industries that perform regular asset inspections.  The challenge is how to perform these critical functions when workers and stakeholders are not able to travel to many of their asset locations.

These enterprises must have “anytime, anywhere” visibility into their assets and operations. This visibility is now vital, more than ever, for them to do their jobs and keep our critical infrastructure and supply chain thriving. Without visibility, they cannot make decisions or manage effectively in a chaotic environment. And they are under tremendous pressure to provide visibility to asset performance for maintenance, design, and utilization while ensuring safety of workers while at the same time


Using visual data management to help solve asset inspection

With executives and operations personnel at companies suddenly working at home, we are helping critical infrastructure, industrial manufacturers, utilities, and many other companies of all types to provide cloud-based visual data management and AI powered analytics platform that delivers prioritize remote visibility into all aspects of their asset inspection and maintenance needs.

One of our largest customers, a leading makers of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related chemicals producing more than $16 Billion worth of products and services told us:

The ability to create and visualize 3D models, videos, visualize multi-spectral images, and allowing our stakeholders to manage our assets remotely (while at home ) all on a unified system via the Optelos platform is very valuable for us.  

For example, we were able to have our Asset Maintenance and Planning Group in the US provide critical input to our contract engineering team in Germany remotely using the Optelos asset data visualization platform. 

This enabled us to continue necessary facility work without having to make a site visit.  This saved us weeks and possibly months of delays, eliminating a normal site visit, and helping to keep our staff safe.

 Single pane of glass for distributed collaboration and rapid decisions

We also have heard from our other customers that are shifting travel expenses globally for this quarter to IT  specially for implementing standardized visual data management workflows for remote inspection, integrated video streaming, and increase AI based computer vision  This is a harbinger for the industry in the coming months and years.

Through our patented technology, we are helping industries provide a fully integrated visual data system that allows virtual “eyes and ears” for their operations. We can deliver near real-time remote visibility by integrating all the important visual data sources – IoT sensors, autonomous robotics,  machine vision, and more – into one data model and one platform all on the secure cloud.

In addition, creating a single source of truth for visual data to easily share and deliver structured information to other systems that need it is more important than ever.  This means having an open and robust Visual Data API facilitates the sharing and delivery of that data with existing decision support systems such as Infor, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. The Optelos VisualData API™ allows our customers to be able to act and reason on that data without having to move that data allowing frictionless visual data management and analytics.

With unified remote and systemwide visibility into your most pressing asset inspection and maintenance needs, you can transform data chaos into actionable insights, improving safety and efficiency at scale.  Let us help you evaluate where your visual data management and asset management systems stand today, to be prepared for the demand tomorrow.

Contact us at and let us help with your visual data management and asset inspection in this (more) remote world.

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