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Integrated AI Workflow


Operationalize AI through integrated workflows and open AI Marketplace

We help Enterprises operationalize the AI process

Data-driven decision support, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, delivers unparalleled accuracy and provides actionable insights into complex business decisions

Manage and share all AI datasets eliminating data silos

Easily collaborate and label datasets with easy-to-use annotation tools

Export data for AI training or utilize Optelos to create AI classifiers

Integrate with 3rd Party AI to support virtually unlimited applications

Our Visual Recognition AI technology rapidly identifies issues, provides notifications and triggers action


Rapid AI Brain Building

Our Visual Inspection AI process rapidly builds accurate AI “Brains” in a fraction of the time of other solutions. A complete AI building workflow that allows users to quickly tag images, assign classification categories, and more.

AI Results Visualization

A seamless integration of AI based results into the Digital Inspection Twin workflow.  Quickly visualize AI classification results  such as bounding boxes and classifications are made searchable through our rich collection of dashboards and filters.


Open and Extensible

Optelos AI Marketplace integrates with third party AI platforms to create a virtually unlimited set of AI enabled inspection libraries.   Optelos ensures that every enterprise can take advantage of the latest AI technologies and apply the best-of-breed analytics that is optimized for the specific inspection application.

AI Workflow Intelligence

Scaling visual inspection is key to any enterprise solution.  The Optelos Visual Inspection AI can help automate many workflow activities to provide seamless AI powered problem identification with business processes and systems.   For example, the Optelos Digital Inspection AI can integrate with ERP and Maintenance systems to schedule field activities based on AI results.   

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