Partnership enables Cell Tower operators to streamline inspections and closeouts by integrating Optelos’ drone data management and visual analytics platform with Pathwave’s safety and closeout packages to easily create a complete automated workflow

Optelos, the leading supplier of visual data management and analysis software for cell tower inspection applications, and Pathwave, the leading provider of safety and job closeout software for telecom crews and their leadership, today announced this technology partnership.  The partnership will allow carriers, asset owners and contractors to combine the latest drone data captures and digital twins with safety compliance and closeout data to automate and better document the complete tower inspection process. 

The unique combination of Optelos visual data management and analytics platform along with Pathwave’s safety and closeout software allows companies to eliminate paper forms, capture and accurately document field conditions and digitally transform the Cell Tower inspection and closeout process. Field technicians using the Pathwave application can easily capture safety and closeout data in real time, automatically label, organize, time-stamp and document that data into a complete closeout package that can be easily accessed by all stakeholders.  The complete closeout packages are automatically loaded into the Optelos platform, where they are further correlated to all drone collected data, 360 walkthroughs of the compound and 2D and 3D models within the Optelos platform to create a single comprehensive view of all tower data in one place.  

This allows better stakeholder collaboration using the most current data to rapidly assess cell site conditions for scoping, build outs, PIM analysis as well as site acquisitions.  All leading to reduced cost, reduced time on site by field personnel and improved safety and compliance.

“This integration will allow companies to better document their field safety, compliance and closeout activity and bring that data directly into the Optelos platform where it can be further leveraged to reduce cost and streamline operations.  “

David Tran, Optelos CEO

In announcing the partnership, David Tran, Optelos CEO, noted, “We are delighted to be working with Pathwave on this exciting integration.  Our customers are always looking for ways to streamline work processes, better leverage all their collected data and identify specific ways to digitally transform their business.  This integration will allow companies to better document their field safety, compliance and closeout activity and bring that data directly into the Optelos platform where it can be further leveraged to reduce cost and streamline operations.  By bringing this critical field-collected data into the Optelos platform, it can be viewed across a company’s entire asset portfolio to better identify emerging issues and bring further improvement”.

“Cell tower inspections are increasingly being performed by drones, so it was a natural evolution for us to incorporate drone collection into Pathwave to easily create a complete and comprehensive closeout package. We’re excited to work with Optelos to seamlessly correlate the collected field data from Pathwave application into the data set Optelos already collects for each cell tower.  The combination of the Pathwave and Optelos solutions will bring significant value to our customers.” said Sean Kramer, President and CEO of Pathwave.  

About Pathwave

Pathwave is purpose-built software that digitally guides teams and their leadership through all job site related activities in real time, including safety, certifications, and closeout packages. Using the Pathwave platform, telecom teams never miss a safety form, never miss or lose a photo, and efficiently complete complex closeout package requirements. Pathwave brings safety and closeouts into a single platform that integrates safety at the basis of operations with shareable closeout packages tailored for each job. Teams coast to coast use Pathwave to provide simple experiences that crews love while meeting the challenges telecom crews face each day. Pathwave is building the modern platform for telecom teams to transform safety and closeout deliverables. For more information, visit

About Optelos 

We believe that the intelligent interpretation of visual data can empower our customers to deliver better business outcomes. Optelos is a flexible, scalable and secure cloud-based visual data management and AI analytics platform that transforms geospatial inspection data into actionable insights. Our patented technology geolocates and correlates all types of unstructured data into an intuitive, contextualized and searchable database ready for analysis and AI implementation. Leveraging computer vision AI, advanced image modeling and APIs for enterprise systems integration, Optelos enables businesses to operationalize and automate their asset visual inspection programs. Optelos is based in Austin, TX.