The Optelos platform ensures Digital Inspection Twin information flows freely throughout the enterprise. Architected to deliver enterprise scalability, reliability, flexibility and security.

The Optelos platform provides complete visual inspection lifecycle that is fully integrated into the Enterprise workflows and business systems for maximum interoperability.


Data Sharing

The Optelos platform provides a highly secure and robust workflow to allow the sharing of digital inspection data across your operation.  Authorized users have the ability to visualize, interrogate, and analyze visual inspection data.    Our platform ensures that collaboration between the stakeholders of the digital inspection twin to drive true inspection process automation.

Data and Application API’s

A well-defined digital twin becomes the interface and integration point for visual asset inspection. The Optelos platform provides a data ansd application API’s that allows any system to interact with the digital inspection twin. For instance, machine learning and analytics services can be leveraged through API’s, connected to  Maintenance, ERP, and other enterprise systems; improving quality and reducing time to remediation.


Highly Customizable Architecture and System Integration

The Optelos platform is highly customization and can be tailored to fit your exact needs.  This includes integration to Single Sign On (SSO) systems, custom data lake storage, and other workflow integration.

Flexible Deployment

Optelos can be deployed on our highly secure AWS or Azure cloud, behind your firewall, or a hybrid architecture that is configurable to meet your IT and data security requirements.

Optelos provides a scalable, secure, and flexible enterprise foundation capable of supporting the most demanding digital transformation environment. 

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