Hyatt Regency Intercontinental Airport Hotel | Houston, Texas

February 14-15, 2023

Optelos is a sponsor of the AMG Oil and Gas Automation and Technology Week 2023 (OGAT Week 2023) in Houston, TX, February 14-15, 2023. This live, interactive and collaborative event gathers oil and gas professionals from upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises to discuss and share best practices on how to integrate emerging digital technologies into their operations. These transformative new digital technologies have the capability to drive accelerated business transformations that improve safety, increase asset visibility and insights while significantly reducing costs. Yet, recent reports suggest up to 70 percent of these digitalization projects have failed to move beyond the pilot phase.

OGAT Week 2023 Roundtable Discussion

Optelos will be leading a day 1 roundtable discussion on “Digitally Transforming Turnarounds and Capital Project Planning”, where we will explore how new digital twin technologies are improving TAR and capital project planning accuracy, and reducing costs. Optelos CEO David Tran will be leading the discussion with Sid Dickerson, VP of Operations for STOlogix. This promises to be an information and interactive session. 

OGAT Week 2023 Roundtable

OGAT Week 2023 Event Overview

The 2023 event is aimed at enabling attendees to embrace these future technologies to drive real change at their organizations. At the event, you will learn to:

  • Reinvent and Reshape: Envision the future and develop the bigger picture for digital transition.
  • Rationalize and Prepare for Business Transformation: Assess organizational readiness, determine, and tackle any potential barriers to digitalization.
  • Clearly Define Future Vision: Convey a clear, cohesive message to provide clarity and develop an agile, dynamic strategy and ecosystem for business transformation.
  • Initiate Change and Implement Fundamentals: Execute on the plan, nurture digital talent, and empower stakeholders to embrace digital tools to drive overall business improvements.
  • Identify the Right Partners and Technology Enablers: Building openly collaborative partnerships with solution providers, who fit business culture and align with business needs to facilitate a streamlined digital journey.
  • Revaluate Constantly and Evolve Consistently: Measure results, adapt, reset, and continue to foster innovation that drives incremental compounding improvements

More Information

To review the event agenda, speakers and presentation topics, please visit the OGAT Week 2023 website by clicking the link below: