Partnership combines Optelos’ drone roofing inspection platform, Imagine Technologies’ turnkey services and training and Cotney’s industry-leading consulting services to reduce roofing assessment cost and drive new revenue


Austin, TX, September 29, 2021– Optelos, Image Technologies and Cotney have come to together to bring the latest roofing inspection technology to the commercial roofing industry, enabling commercial roofing contractors, property managers and material manufactures to more rapidly and accurately perform drone roof inspections. The solution is centered around Optelos’ visual inspection platform and drone captured data to produce high resolution images and 2D and 3D models allowing detailed roof assessments to be performed in a fraction of the time with more accuracy and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional “boots on the roof” approach.  The Optelos platform also produces high quality assessment reports allowing for more accurate costing and improved deliverables to clients.  Clients can also gain access to the Optelos platform through their contractor, enabling better client engagement, leading to increased revenue and longevity with the client.

In announcing the partnership, David Tran, Optelos CEO, noted, “We’re delighted to be able to provide the industry-leading visual data management and analysis capability of Optelos to the commercial roofing industry. Because Optelos both organizes and transforms images from drones, cell phones and other devices into easily usable and shareable data that can be used to perform detailed assessments, it allows commercial roofing contractors to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve the safety of their workforce.” 

Through this partnership Cotney, the recognized leader in commercial roofing business best practices, ensures that the Optelos solution delivers high value to commercial roofing contractors, general contractors, property owners and property managers.  The platform provides unique insights into the conditions of their roofs, as well as assists in the planning and inventory management of new roofing construction and repair projects.  The combination of Optelos’ visual data management capabilities, interactive site diagrams, comprehensive 2D and 3D models, highly accurate measurement tools and integrated AI workflows, combined with Cotney’s commercial roofing consulting experience, creates a breakthrough solution for the industry.

John Kenney, Chief Operating Officer of Cotney Attorneys and Consultants noted “Our clients look to Cotney to provide them with industry insights and best practices to keep them ahead of the competition. The Optelos platform has provided us with the ability to help our clients realize the power of digital asset inspections to improve worker safety, reduce costs and leverage digital inspection data for better insights and business decisions.”

    The Optelos solution is delivered through Imagine Technologies Group (ITG) who recognize that customers are in different stages of their drone roofing inspection journey.  To help customers achieve maximum results as quickly as possible, complete turnkey professional services are available through ITG, who offer end-to-end data collection, inspection, and reporting for the roofing industry.  Customers can take advantage of ITG’s expertise to jumpstart their digital inspection programs to begin realizing advantages immediately.


    About Optelos 

    We believe that intelligent interpretation of visual data can empower our customers to deliver better business outcomes. Our patented software transforms unstructured inspection data into answers to deliver actionable insights.   We enable customers to identify and remediate critical asset issues through our patented geovisual data management and AI analytics platform.  Optelos is the leading enterprise platform for digitalization of asset inspection and management. Utilizing patented image transformation technology, Optelos leverages AI, advanced image modeling/visualization to fully operationalize asset visual inspection.   Optelos is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit


    About Cotney Attorneys and Consultants

    Cotney Construction Law is an international law firm that fights for the roofing industry. Experienced in the representation of businesses and professionals in construction disputes and transactions, Cotney is a well-known advisor and legal counsel in the roofing industry.  The firm’s practice areas include construction law, litigation, arbitration, business law, immigration, employment, OSHA defense, licensing defense, bid protests, lien law, bond law and alternative dispute resolution. The firm has offices throughout the US and Canada.  For more information, visit


    About Imagine Technologies Group

    The foundation of our business was built on the experience of our team in the commercial roofing and asset management industry. Through many years of being driven to exceed the norms in our industry through technological advances, Imagine Technologies Group was founded. We feel that our never seen before offering will elevate the entire commercial roofing / asset management industry as we continue to “Imagine Better”. Imagine Technologies Group is based out of Columbus, Ohio, visit