Optelos provides new solutions for Enterprises to operationalize AI for Asset Inspection


Austin, TX, May 21, 2020 – Optelos, the industry’s first enterprise SaaS platform designed to fully operationalize digital asset inspection and data management, announced today the addition of a complete end to end AI asset inspection workflow providing businesses across oil/gas, utilities, manufacturing, industrial engineering and telecom the tools they need to operationalize AI.  

Businesses interested in reducing their inspection costs, while increasing the quality and accuracy in their inspections, monitoring and maintenance process, are rapidly deploying AI Computer Vision solutions.  With advancements in visual data from robots, commercial drones, mobile devices, and IoT sensors, these businesses have become overwhelmed with the rapid and mountainous increase in unstructured data.  AI computer vision, when properly operationalized, automates the analysis of this data at scale.

These businesses are facing new and uncharted challenges as they operationalize AI across multiple business functions such as data management,  deployment of AI models, and integration of workflows across business automation initiatives.

Optelos now provides a comprehensive suite of AI solutions, providing a single platform enabling efficient and effective operationalization of AI.   These capabilities include:

  • Visual data management. Capture and manage visual data providing a single source of truth that can be shared and acted on by Data Scientists, subject matter experts, and business stakeholders across the enterprise.  This eliminates data silos and enforces greater control over data protection and privacy.
  • AI data labeling. Market leading tools allowing data scientists and subject matter experts to collaborate on data labeling and eliminate data silos.  This means stakeholders and SMEs now have the tools to rapidly and dramatically improve the AI results.
  • AI Training and Creating AI models. Seamlessly utilize new or existing labeled datasets creating AI models through Optelos partners or utilize 3rd party AI engines to create AI models for any application.  Choose the best of breed AI deep learning algorithms to fit specific asset inspection requirements.
  • Deploy AI models. Expose AI models for broad business user consumption through an open “AI Marketplace”.  No coding or IT work required to deploy AI models to the business stakeholders.
  • AI Visualization. Visualize AI results through dashboards to quickly search, filter, and integrate the outcomes into ticketing and operational workflows.

Kevin McKeand, CEO, noted, “Businesses globally are facing new opportunities and challenges when it comes to infusing and operationalizing AI in their organization.  These opportunities include  resolving disjointed tools between data scientists and business users, limited collaboration between AI teams and business stakeholders, and a lack of a unified data management solution, creating data silos. With the release of our new AI solution we are energized by the opportunity to support businesses in their quest to operationalize and transform their AI powered asset inspection program with our unified data management and AI workflow platform, seamlessly infusing AI models into real business workflows.  These new, market differentiated tools  will pull together Data Scientists, SMEs, and business users ensuring optimized outcomes that align with their business objectives. This means decision makers can  focus on the results, isolate issues, and take action instead of having to deal with all the challenges of operationalizing AI.” 


About Optelos 

Optelos is the leading enterprise platform for digitalization of asset inspection and management. Utilizing patented image transformation technology, Optelos leverages AI, advanced image modeling/visualization and enterprise workflow integration enabling enterprises to fully operationalize asset visual inspection. Optelos allows Enterprise’s to lower inspection costs while increasing safety,

speed and accuracy of inspections spanning oil/gas, manufacturing, utilities, energy, telecom and virtually any other market segment where asset inspection and management is required.

 Optelos is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit optelos.com