Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor solution is showcased at Accenture’s Essen, Germany innovation Center to solve complex AI issues related to visual asset inspection


Optelos, the developer of the industry’s first enterprise SaaS platform designed to fully operationalize digital asset inspection and management, announced today they are now a partner within Accenture’s Industry X.O Innovation Center in Essen, Germany.  Accenture’s new strategic initiative, Industry X.0, was designed to lead industrial enterprises through their digital transformation.

Located in 20 major cities worldwide, the network of Innovation Hubs is the engine where Accenture helps their clients achieve the impossible. The Hub in Essen, Germany offers clients a way to explore, test and scale IIoT solutions and take advantage of the latest disruptive technologies to achieve new levels of efficiency and sources of growth through improvements in product development, engineering, manufacturing, customer experiences and cybersecurity.

The decision to select Optelos as a partner and solution provider for Accenture’s clients was simple. Accenture was searching for forward-thinking leaders in the digital asset management space with the ability to solve key issues enterprises are facing in their asset inspections.  Optelos pioneered and patented the solution to manage the tremendous amount of visual data for each asset while performing AI Vision analysis on collected data to proactively detect dangerous conditions such as corrosion.

In announcing Accenture’s decision, Kevin McKeand, Optelos CEO, noted, “We are very excited Accenture has chosen Optelos as the data management, reality modeling and AI Computer Vision partner for their clients’ digital transformation in asset inspection.”

McKeand went on to comment, “The Optelos solution was optimized, using patented technology, to rapidly transform unstructured images from UAVs and other sources including legacy asset data, into easily usable, searchable and shareable visualizations and models that aid in the inspection and management of any, and all, enterprise assets.  The Optelos solution is extensible, offering enterprises an opportunity to leverage the power of AI and enterprise system interoperability to further operationalize all aspects of digital asset inspection and management.”