Partnership combines FlyGuys nationwide network of drone data collection services with Optelos’ visual data management and analytics platform to create a complete turnkey asset inspection solution


Austin, TX, January 27, 2022– This partnership brings together FlyGuy’s nationwide drone data collection network and Optelos visual data management, 2D/3D modeling and inspection analytics capabilities to create a turnkey data collection and analysis solution for customers across several industries. Under the partnership FlyGuys will use the Optelos platform to securely deliver drone captured data, 2D maps and 3D models, custom reports and actionable insights to their customers who require that capability.  Likewise, Optelos will utilize FlyGuys’ extensive network of certified, highly trained expert pilots to provide data collection services to Optelos’ customers in Telecom, Energy, Power Utility, and Industrial Manufacturing.

FlyGuys collects a wide range of data via multiple sensors including RGB, Infrared, LiDAR and Multispectral. With its geospatial experts and vast network of drone pilots, Flyguys is ready to deploy when and where needs arise, using drones, helicopters, manned fixed-wing aircraft, and terrestrial methods in order to provide the data collection resources needed. Optelos will leverage this extensive network and deep data collection experience to provide turnkey data collection and inspection analysis capabilities to its customers, wherever needed.   “Working with Flyguys has allowed us to expand our footprint of turnkey data collection and asset analysis services to our customers”, said Ed Sztuka, Optelos CRO. “Regardless of the data collection method required, FlyGuys is able to deliver.”

Once a flight mission is completed, the collected data can be seamlessly uploaded into the Optelos platform where the data is organized to meet the specific customer’s need.  The Optelos platform can create 2D maps, 3D models and digital twins and visualize all data types, including Thermal and LiDAR, and geolocate all data sources.  All data sources can then be analyzed with reports, and all collected data sources immediately and securely available to the customer through the Optelos portal.  “We have found the Optelos platform to be a great benefit to FlyGuys” said Adam Zayor, FlyGuys, CEO. “The ability to elegantly organize and securely deliver all collected data to our customers has been a real breakthrough, and we look forward to offering additional Optelos capabilities to our customers as well.”  Adam went on to say. “Optelos has one of the best operations teams in the industry; they continue to show their professionalism and work ethic on a regular basis. The attention to detail and their planning, scheduling, and training abilities is second to none.”

FlyGuys and Optelos will continue to build on this partnership, with each company expanding on its service offering.


About Optelos 

Optelos is a flexible, scalable and secure cloud-based visual data management and AI analytics platform that transforms geovisual data into actionable insights. Our patented technology geolocates and correlates all types of asset inspection data, organizing vast amounts of unstructured data into an intuitive, contextualized and searchable database ready for analysis and AI implementation.  Leveraging computer vision AI, advanced image modeling and APIs for enterprise systems integration, Optelos enables businesses to operationalize and automate their visual asset inspection programs. Optelos is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit 


About FlyGuys

FlyGuys is a nationwide drone services company that acquires aerial imaging data so you can make more informed, accurate decisions. Our aim is to make aerial data more accessible and affordable, so you can overcome challenges efficiently and safely. For more information visit