ITG developed the Advanced Imagery platform, an advancement in drone roof inspection software, using drone imagery and virtual reality integration with Optelos

Congratulations to Optelos customer John Kiesel of Imagine Technologies Group (ITG) for being awarded Innovator of the year by the tech-focused Roofing Technology Think Tank [RT3] group of roofing professionals. Presented annually at the Best of Success conference, the Innovator of the Year Award honors a professional who advocates for the advancement of technology in the roofing industry and recognized ITG for their work in developing a meaningful advancement in drone roof inspection software.

“There are so many different components to be a recipient of the award, but there’s four things that stand out to me: innovation, result, design, and strategy.”

Anna Anderson, RT3 board member

ITG developed the Advanced Imagery platform with Optelos, using drone-captured imagery to create detailed 3D digital twin models of rooftops for customers. The platform is an advancement in drone roof inspection software, which allows for virtual reality integration that can transport building owners and managers to the roof without having to leave their office.

A team of RT3 members determine the Innovator of the Year recipient based on their innovations, results, design and strategies. Nominees must be a licensed and bonded roofing contractor for a minimum of five years and have a minimum $2 million in annual revenue. They also must be a member of a professional industry association and demonstrate community enrichment efforts through supporting nonprofits or company culture programs.

 Please join us in congratulating John and ITG for their significant technological achievement in drone roof inspection software by revolutionizing how roof inspections, assessment and take-downs are conducted with the use of Optelos, drone-captured imagery, virtual reality integration and their deep domain experience in commercial roofing.