Imagine Technologies Group Selects Optelos for Drone Roof Inspection Platform

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Blog

Data Management, Measurement and Analytics Capabilities

Optelos is pleased to announce Imagine Technologies Group (ITG), a subsidiary of Division 7 Roofing, has selected the Optelos platform for managing all client data associated with its drone roof inspection service.  By leveraging the extensive data management and analytical capabilities of the Optelos platform, ITG is able to offer real estate managers, architects, consultants, commercial roofing contractors and general contractors the ability to streamline the roofing assessment, inspection and takeoff planning process, saving time and money while supporting the delivery of more accurate and detailed quotes.

Drone roof inspection

Figure 1 –Show cores and issues by location through the use of geotagged location intelligence

Data Management, Measurement and Analytics Capabilities

Utilizing built-in analytics and measurement tools, estimators can use detailed, three-dimensional pointcloud models of roofing projects to easily identify roofing defects or problem areas, significantly reducing the time associated with roofing inspections and job quotes. The detailed and visual nature of the drone inspection data allows commercial roofing contractors to better understand the specific challenges and opportunities with each roofing project to deliver high quality, accurate project quotes and roofing inspection reports to their customers. Because the drone roof inspections don’t require “boots on the roof”, overall safety is improved for their workforce. Further, since all drone roof inspection images and 3D models are readily available on the cloud, no more return trips to the work site are required to verify job details, saving even more time and money.

In announcing the partnership, David Tran, Optelos CEO, noted, “We’re delighted to be able to provide the industry-leading visual data management and analysis capability of Optelos to the commercial roofing industry. Because Optelos both organizes and transforms images from drones, cell phones and other devices into easily usable and shareable data that can be used to perform detailed assessments, it allows commercial roofing contractors to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve the safety of their workforce”. 

Drone Serv Prov Complete Precise Measurements

Figure 2 –Complete precise measurements with up to 1mm accuracy using pointcloud models

Gather Unique Insights from Using 2D and 3D Models

The platform provides unique insights into the conditions of their roofs, as well as assists in the planning and inventory management of new roofing construction and repair projects.  The combination of Optelos’ visual data management capabilities, interactive site diagrams, comprehensive 2D and 3D models, highly accurate measurement tools and integrated AI workflows creates a breakthrough solution for the industry.

jobba ITG Webinar

Figure 3 – This 30-minute webinar goes into real world use cases for Optelos in drone roof inspections

John Kiesel, President of ITG, noted “When we discovered the Optelos platform and experienced what it can do for the facility management industry, along with our parallel vision of enhancing technology, we knew we needed to join forces.”

Free Program Consultation – Guaranteed Results from Turnkey Services

Optelos Solutions Experts can help you select the solution that’s right for you. If you’re starting or scaling a drone inspection program, please contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help you avoid the many potential pitfalls when scaling up a drone inspection program or managing the massive amount of unstructured data that comes from it. Optelos also offers turnkey drone inspection services for those companies interested in cost effectively exploring the benefits the new drone roof inspection technology offers, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Process Mfg Securely Share Data

Figure 4 – Intuitive data management enables you to make the most of your drone roof inspection data

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