Division 7 Roofing selects Optelos Asset Inspection Platform

by | Feb 27, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Optelos is pleased to announce one of our newest customers Division 7 Roofing.  Division 7 has selected Optelos and our award wining Asset Advisor platform to deliver similar breakthroughs to the commercial roofing industry.  By leveraging the Optelos platform along with Division 7 Roofing’s decades of commercial roofing experience and vast amounts of roofing data,  Division 7 is able to streamline the roofing assessment, inspection and planning process.  Division 7 is utilizing the Optelos platform to rapidly identify roofing defects, significantly reducing the time associated with roofing inspections and allowing commercial roofing contractors to deliver higher quality, more accurate reports to their customers, while improving overall safety for their workforce.

Optelos and Division 7 Roofing have worked together to deliver a solution to asset management professionals, architects, consultants, commercial roofing contractors and general contractors. Our solution provides defensible insights into the conditions of their property or project, as well as assist in the forecasting of capital expenditures associated with maintaining the asset.  The combination of Optelos’ visual data management capability, interactive site diagrams, comprehensive 2D/3D models, highly accurate measurement tools and AI, combined with Division 7 Roofing’s experience, creates a breakthrough solution for the industry. 

John Kiesel, President of Division 7 Roofing noted “When we discovered the Optelos platform and experienced what it can do for the asset management industry, along with our parallel vision of enhancing technology, we knew we needed to join forces.”

In announcing the partnership with Division 7 Roofing, David Tran, Optelos CEO, noted, “We are extremely pleased Division 7 Roofing has chosen Optelos’ Asset Advisor solution as the data client management, visualization, and future AI cornerstone of their roofing delivery platform.”

Optelos is expert at helping enterprise customer select the solution that’s right for them today and can scale to support their future needs as well. If your starting or growing a drone or visual inspection program, please contact us and find out how we can help you avoid the many pitfalls that lie ahead.

Contact us at info@optelos.com and let us help you start your digital transformation journey and see how you can realize significant cost savings in your asset management programs. 

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