Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL | Booth 3875

February 26-29, 2024

Optelos will be exhibiting and speaking at Distributech International 2024 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from February 26-29, 2024, Booth 3875. Distributech is the premier annual event for transmission and distribution, showcasing cutting-edge technologies that power our homes and businesses. Join and network with industry subject-matter experts in Orlando to discover the latest strategies and emerging innovations, and find immediate solutions to implement within your organization.

We will be presenting a case study with Optelos customer ComEd at the event, “ComEd Case Study: Automating grid analytics through drone inspection and computer vision AI” in the City of the Future, Theater 3 at 1:15-1:45P on February 27th. This joint presentation will provide an overview of ComEd’s use of Optelos to deliver their Advanced Image Analytics Platform, which utilizes drones, vehicle-based camera systems, and mobile devices for image capture with AI processing for automated defect detection. This digital transformation initiative is projected to improve maintenance efficiencies and provide ComEd with deeper, real-time insights into the state of health of all distribution assets.

Optelos Presentation with ComEd

Session Title:  ComEd Case Study: Automating grid analytics through drone inspection and computer vision AI

Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Time: 1:15-1:45P

Location: City of the Future, Theater 3 (Booth 2071, Exhibit Floor)

Session Description: This joint presentation will provide an overview of ComEd’s Advanced Image Analytics Platform, a proactive maintenance program enabled by human + machine defect identification. The goal of the ComEd program is to build a more effective and proactive maintenance program, better identify defect conditions, and identify the defects more quickly and efficiently. This human + machine approach leverages the latest visual data technologies and AI-powered analytics to create a more resilient and reliable grid.

We’ll discuss the Advanced Image Analytics program elements, which include:

  • Standardized visual data collection program: Using Drones, vehicle-based cameras, mobile devices, and
  • Image Analytics & Management Optelos is the central technology stack for image storage, with a GIS data hierarchy and GUI based on ComEd’s service territory maps.
  • Automated data upload: Drone inspection image upload is simplified through Skydio Cloud integration and GPS auto-upload capabilities built into the Optelos platform, which automatically assigns images to the right asset by utilizing GPS location and telemetry metadata.
  • AI Algorithm development – ComEd developed the AI algorithms with Deloitte to classify and detect the fault conditions for defects on pole tops, cross arms, insulators, and lightening
  • AI deployment and retraining: ComEd is continuing to optimize program performance with additional AI classifiers and algorithm improvements by annotating additional inspection imagery for AI retraining.
  • Expanded data leverage: As ComEd centralizes and unifies management of their inspection data and provides secure organizational access, new opportunities are emerging to leverage this valuable drone data analysis, such as third party attachment monitoring, asset location validation, vegetation management dispatch, and more.
Optelos is the foundational platform for the ComEd Advanced Image Analytics platform, with the ability to manage the asset inspection data workflow from drone flight scheduling through to ticketing and dispatch and asset status dashboards & reporting.

ComEd started the program in 2022 by first engaging Deloitte through an RFP process to provide data science expertise, image labeling resources, and project management support. Deloitte worked with internal ComEd data scientists and Optelos to drive the project forward and develop a unified database containing all relevant distribution asset imagery and data to improve asset visibility and insights. 

The program’s full implementation also included building out drone data collection capabilities to automatically ingest autonomously gathered inspection imagery and effectively organizing and storing it for fast and reliable access. ComEd will continue to build out the AI analytics models via image labeling, manage the on-demand AI/ML analytics and processing operations, and ultimately deliver geo-located asset inspection results that enable real-time actionable insights, speeding trouble resolution and improving proactive maintenance.  

Optelos delivers a mature, flexible and advanced image storage and inspection platform that is well-designed to pair with artificial intelligence algorithms. ComEd has formed a valuable partnership with Optelos in helping maximize their platform for efficient utility operations.”

Jeff Birkmeier, Senior Manager of Strategic Planning, ComEd Advanced Image Analytics Project

ComEd’s Advanced Image Analytics Platform utilizes AI algorithms to automatically classify and identify defect conditions on distribution assets to deliver long term improvements to grid reliability and resiliency.

ComEd now has all elements of the Advanced Image Program in place and ready to deliver long term improvements to grid reliability and resiliency. The program can now serve as a foundation for multiple other applications and use cases. ComEd and Optelos are continuing to expand the capabilities of the Image Analytics Platform, creating additional exciting new use cases and building traction within the larger organization. 

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