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Within the construction industry there are numerous applications for drone based visual asset inspection and AI based analysis

Within the construction industry there are numerous applications for drone based visual asset inspection and AI based analysis. From small scale projects to large scale projects, like bridges, utility plants, large commercial buildings and other structures all can be benefit by the effective use of visual asset inspection using data collected from drones.  More and more construction companies are using drones to collect data to not only monitor construction progress, but document inspection data for insurance liability purposes, as well as perform routine maintenance inspections.  These all deliver significant cost and labor reductions and provide rich sets of data that was never before available.  The new challenge is what to do with all the data and how to make the most effective use of it to deliver new business insights and yield new benefits. 

How Optelos Addresses these Issues

Drones collect vast amounts of high-resolution images and videos and when these images are imported into the Optelos platform they immediately become manageable, sharable and easily viewable by whomever requires access, enabling collaboration across the organization. The platform then effectively manages that data so it can then be processed and annotated for manual investigation purposes or processed through Optelos’ AI engine for rapid automated analysis and decision making, enabling more informed decisions to be made on that data. The Optelos platform easily addresses all the challenges associated with any visual asset inspection program within the construction industry.

Example Use Cases

Track progress and compliance of projects.  By using Drones to do period flyovers of a construction site the Optelos platform can create orthomosaic models that can be time stamped and overlaid to show high resolution progress of that site.  From those models detailed measurements can be performed to ensure compliance to construction standards, ensure proper safety guidelines are being enforced and that the project is progressing on the proper schedule.  This orthomosaic overlay capability allows all types of data to be assessed allowing vegetation, elevation, and thermal analysis to be performed. 

Whatever the specific scenario the Optelos platform has the capability and features to effectively monitor and analyze any construction.

Structure and facility maintenance Inspections – Any large structure or facility where routine maintenance inspections are required can benefit from a drone based visual asset inspection program. The Optelos platform is ideally structured to manage these types of programs allowing specific conditions to be identified through AI analysis greatly reducing capital and labor costs as well as significantly increasing safety.  Roof inspections, structural decay inspections and safety inspections can all be managed through the Optelos platform, providing a “single source of truth” for any inspection and maintenance program. Cracks in structures, separation of materials, the slightest elevation or pitch changes can be all be identified in minutes after the data is imported in what would take days or weeks to accomplish with traditional manual inspection activity.  Optelos supports a wide variety of reality modeling capabilities and the ability to build a Digital Inspection Twins of any structure. Any additional data, measurements and analysis or inspection reports can then be attached to tis digital inspection twin providing a “single source of truth” for any given asset. 

Optelos is the ideal solution for any construction related visual asset inspection project. The combined data management, visualization, measure and AI analysis capability stream line and maintenance and inspection program, provide new business insights never before realized.

Key Optelos Benefits in Construction 

Visual Data Management

Vast amounts of drone data can be easily loaded into Optelos.  It is then organized, correlated, and transformed into a digital inspection twin, a digital representation of physical assets. Drone data is then searchable and sharable through our patented data management core, immediately enabling effective use of the data.

Data Visualization and Reality Modeling

Optelos provides a unified method to view and analyze construction site data, accessible to all stakeholders.  Easily view, annotate, tag and measure any phase of a construction project from initial survey through final inspections.  This allows property owners, construction managers, prime contractor and sub-contractors to either load, view and manage data based on their privilege level.

Automation Fault Identification

In many maintenance and inspection applications, Optelos now makes it possible to automate decisions and identify faults that would take significant manpower to identify.  With Optelos Artificial Intelligence capability, images of any construction project or asset can be analyzed in ways never before possible. Whether it be part of a routine maintenance process, disaster recovery work, or simple ad-hoc inspections the data can be processed to automatically identify critical fault conditions in any facility or asset.

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