Embassy Suites by Hilton San Antonio Brooks,

San Antonio, TX

August 2-4, 2022

Meet Optelos at the 14th Edition of the Chem/Petrochem and Refinery Shutdowns and Turnarounds Conference in San Antonio! We will be joined by senior leaders and technologists in the turnaround maintenance industry to share case studies and lessons learned on how asset owners have overcome challenges in planning, executing and reviewing turnarounds to improve their company’s bottom line.

Utilizing new technologies is becoming increasingly important to large enterprises who manage large turnaround programs. Recent studies show that four (4) out of every five (5) turnarounds typically run 10% over budget. Additionally, over half of turnarounds experience significant delays. What is even more worrisome for turnaround management is that supply constraints experienced in the pandemic days are now exacerbated by increased bottlenecks in source markets, high oil prices and geopolitical conflicts.  The challenges of accessing skilled and productive labor, efficient delivery of materials, equipment and other inputs at competitive rates seem like insurmountable tasks.

Optelos CRO Ed Sztuka’s presentation is Tuesday, August 2nd at 9:00AM:

Using Drones and 3D Digital Twins to Optimize Asset Inspections and Turnarounds

  • Reviewing the evolution of digital twin technology in asset inspections
  • Describing key TAR challenges and how digital twins address them in each phase of the turnaround process
  • Exploring case studies of how leading companies are using digital twins to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and improve employee safety
  • Tracking performance metrics and typical ROI from digital twin usage in STOs  

Optelos will be joining speakers from Valero, Shell, Becht and Dupont. We will share best practices and use cases on how the Optelos platform can be utilized to improve the operational performance of shutdowns and turnarounds in the energy industry.  Leveraging 3D model digital twins allows enterprises to complete accurate pre-project analyses, more accurately conduct site planning, complete asset inspections and enhance team collaboration.

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