Actionable Asset Data Management requires Transformational Alchemy

Visual inspection and response management is a process for understanding and confirming the nature and condition of any asset.  It is performed, historically via manual means, across industries as the primary means for verifying an assets state, health, quality and compliance.  Increasingly a variety of fixed and aerial devices, drone robotics, and mobile devices are reducing the need for individuals to physically inspect assets, replacing “eyes” on asset with images.

Digitizing has clearly reduced risk and to a degree lowered labor costs but “in-house” inspection struggles with a tsunami of images.  And it isn’t just volume that created bottlenecks.  The unstructured nature of images makes asset assessment a cumbersome process.  Early digital tools alleviated some problems but created new problems associated with data silo’s, including lack of sharing, difficulty operationalizing results and application of new business intelligence and artificial intelligence that magnify value of asset data to the enterprise.

Optelos Patented Data Management capabilities banish these problems by creating a Digital Inspection Twin, freeing asset information to flow effortlessly through the organization and enable powerful solutions for asset inspection and response management.
More than an 3D rendering of assets.  Optelos’ Digital Inspection Twin is the seamless integration of visual inspection data into a unified “visual data” management model.  Optelos’ extensible data model offers high-value benefits that aid productivity, throughput and quality.


Single Source of Truth

Optelos’ patented technology ensures that the dynamic state of asset data is properly correlated and managed to create a single source of truth.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Asset data is synchronized to provide accurate and immersive inspection experience through seamless visualization, allowing users to navigate, analyze, tag, and annotate all data sources from images to detail 3D reality models in a single pane of glass. 


Data Sharing and User Perspective

The Optelos Digital Inspection Twin platform ensures that the asset data is shareable and accessible, allowing easy and rapid collaboration between the stakeholders of the digital inspection twin information; from operations to audit/compliance to planning


The Optelos platform provides data API’s that allows any system to interact with digital inspection twin information, including, Maintenance, Trouble-ticketing, ERP, Business Intelligence and other enterprise systems.

Enabling Optelos Solution 

    • Digitalization of images and videos for rapid inspection workflows that pin point issues and operationalize remediation actions.
    • Processing Digital Inspection Twins into engineering-ready reality models (including Orthomosaics and 3D rendering.)
    • Transformation of images into 3D reality models that provide accurate measurements without requiring physical touch points.
    • The ability to monitor and benchmark assets throughout their life, not just as individual assets but also across the entire enterprise asset portfolio.
    • Acting on the digitalized data through AI powered analytics can detect issues, patterns and trends, leading to predictive insights, and remediation.
    • Correlation of data allows Enterprises to empower stakeholders to make better decisions, increasing efficiency and operational agility.

    Simply put, Optelos’ “digital inspection twin” is a virtual digital representation of a physical asset that delivers useful insights from raw data.

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