December 20, 2017 – Optelos recognized by CIO Applications “Top 25 Drone Companies 2017”.   Press Release

October  23, 2017 – Optelos launches App for Drone Deploy to seamless export Drone Deploy layers directly into Optelos Drone Work Advisor platform.   Press Release

September 4 , 2017 – Optelos launches new software tool for easily managing, analyzing and sharing Orthomosaics.   Press Release

July  19, 2017 – Optelos helps businesses create structure around the data drones capture.   Press Release

April 2, 2017 – Optelos acquires NuAge Aerial to expand our professional services suite of products including 333 and part 107 flight operations, training, and turnkey project management.

Dec 15, 2016 – Optelos Drone Work Advisor cloud software answers the chief challenges of drone-based survey programs and sets the standard for drone workflow. AUSTIN, Texas.   Press Release

Turning Drone Data Into Actionable Answers

Our Story

Our mission at Optelos is to make data simple and accessible. Our patented data management and AI Analytics software turns unstructured data into answers and securely delivers that data in meaningful ways resulting in increase revenue and customer retention.

Optelos has become the leading provider of secure drone data management and AI analytics software.   We bring together the best of Workflow, Multimedia, and AI Analytics for Drone Operators and Enterprises to share data with clients. Visualize all your deliverables and interrogate each one, all harnessed in one platform