Data management and AI Analytics to deliver meaningful results

Optelos replaces your file management and delivery systems with a single Data management and AI based analytics platform to manage projects, collaboratively analyze and classify content, and deliver results to clients in a branded interface.  

Smart Data Management

  Empower your business with real-time visibility for analyzing  and sharing your Drone data.

Custom Data Analytics

Quickly identify and classify massive volume of images and videos with just a few simple clicks.  Smart tagging provides rich context.

 Visualize Data

Eliminate hassle of multiple data viewers  .  Single platform to visualize Point Cloud, Orthomosaic, and Geo-referenced data. 



Why Customers Love Us


Time well spent 

With Optelos’ data platform, Operators spend more time driving growth instead of wasting time chasing and managing data



Happy clients

Make it easy for clients to access data, check on status, and collaborate in a single intuitive platform.   Happy clients means repeat business and profits. 


Success with simplicity 

Simple and intuitive , it’s no wonder so many operators are switching to Optelos 



A Smarter Way to Manage, Analyze and Deliver Drone Data

Spend less time managing files and send your clients away to “Drop Box” to retrieve their data.   Deliver a better overall experience to your customers and generate more revenue.


Intelligent  analysis and classification

Manage  content and collaborate 

Visualize 3D, Orthomosaic, and GeoTag data 

Deliver projects via a branded interface

                 Unleash the full potential of your drone business

Take control of your drone program with Optelos.  Contact us to get started in minutes with a better way to manage and deliver your drone data.

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