Webinar: Data is the New Oil

Turning data into your most valuable commodity for asset inspection.


From data capture to AI analyzation, learn how transforming the asset inspection process can lead to increased revenue and better insights for your company in our free webinar on Wednesday, December 18th at 12pm CT/ 1pm ET.

Digital transformation of asset inspection holds significant opportunities if done properly. However, many organizations waste valuable resources capturing the wrong data and can lack a unified way to visually analyze that information.

Organizations are seeking ways to improve their digital inspection process at scale. This requires aligning data collection processes to the right artificial intelligence methods, while integrating it into a seamless workflow.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Data capture techniques to improve the quality and accuracy of automated AI analysis
  • How to integrate and scale information in a single point of view, connecting  inspection images, 3D models, and orthomosaic maps
  • Methods to architect an inspection platform that shares data across the organization


After the webinar, all attendees will receive a special offer for a free assessment of their Visual Asset Inspection program, or a free month of the Optelos platform.  We look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Hear from our speakers:

David Tran

David Tran

CTO & Founder

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Optelos Webinar: Data is the New Oil

18/12/20191:00pm EST1 hour

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Join this live webinar to learn how transforming your asset inspection process can lead to increased revenue and better insights for your company.

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