Software to accelerate digital transformation

Digital Transformation of enterprise asset inspection & management is a complex problem.

A problem that Optelos makes easy, by unifying a number of core technologies into a solution for:

  • Managing high volumes of unstructured and structured data;
  • Rendering digital models to aid in performing asset inspections;
  • Enhancing analysis and problem detection via AI;
  • Operationalizing results via automated workflows and system interoperability.  

Optelos delivery of these capabilities, integrated into a scalable platform, streamlines ease of use and ensures data is shareable across the enterprise; maximizing business value and agility.

Data, the common denominator.

Regardless of vertical industry or use case, Data, or more accurately information, largely influences an enterprises success in modernizing asset inspection and management.  

Optelos overcomes the most common and challenging data hurdles enterprises face.

  • Data trapped in unstructured forms is particularly intractable.  
  • The sheer volume of images, and metadata makes it extremely difficult to act on the data at scale.  
  • Relating and searching legacy data in conjunction with new visual and non-visual data is extremely cumbersome
  • Point tools create data silos that thwart the use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Optelos’ digital inspection twin model uses patented data transformation techniques that ingest unstructured and structured data, including legacy and new image sourcing, to create a fully sharable and searchable enterprise asset information repository.


The Optelos digital inspection twin creates relevant relationships and correlations, within a structured data model, to create an actionable digital representation of physical asset – offering a single digital truth for an enterprise’s asset catalog and informs all aspects of an enterprise’s asset life-cycle.


All the Reality Modeling needed, in one place.

Visualizations play an increasingly vital role in digital asset inspection and management. 

Optelos is unique in combining a virtually infinite number of reality models into a unified, intuitive interface; allowing knowledge workers to easily scroll through visualizations without loss of productivity that occurs when changing from one point tool to another.

Optelos Reality Modeling includes 2D, 3D, point clouds and orthomosaic models, replete with geolocation, volumetric measurements, product identifiers and custom tagging. And, Optelos extensible architecture accommodates the integration of future models, including visual and non-visual spectrum models.

AI aided Decision Support increases throughput and accuracy.

With asset information encoded within a digital inspection twin, Optelos is able to leverage the power of AI to speed asset inspection and analysis, increasing throughput and accuracy.

Optelos in-process AI can be applied to a wide variety of situations, ranging from identifying defective infrastructure components -to- evaluation of manufacturing output to ensure finished goods meet order specifications -to- measuring materials inventory and consumption.  The use cases are boundless, and the results compelling.  Optelos AI consistently drives quantifiable improvements in productivity, lowered cost and increased quality.

Optelos’ digital inspection twin model also supports the utilization of business intelligence tools to answer more complex, often ad hoc, questions leading to greater agility in responding to business opportunities and for improving profitability.

Operational interoperability streamlines action, at scale.

Digital transformation involves optimizing processes and making workflows faster, easier, and more efficient.  A key design philosophy of the Optelos solution is to enable much more efficient systems and processes, which allows key tasks and projects to move forward at a faster pace.

Optelos application APIs enable Optelos to bi-directionally connect with other enterprise systems such as trouble ticketing, sales order data, manufacturing BOMs and legacy asset management systems.  Optelos data APIs open digital twin information to a wide variety of BI use cases, enhancing enterprise decision support.

The Optelos solution is delivered on a scalable, secure, and flexible enterprise foundation capable of supporting the most demanding digital transformation environment.


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