Optelos Drone Work Advisor cloud software answers the chief challenges of drone-based survey programs and sets the standard for drone workflow.

AUSTIN, Texas  – October 21, 2016 – Welcome to the drone economy. Drones and drone-based applications are already beginning to transform industry business models, much like IT Cloud and social networking have fundamentally changed business processes. Today, we are seeing businesses and enterprises re-tool operations, from infrastructure to security, to leverage the efficiencies and revenue possible with drones.

A recent industry report by PwC estimates that the value of drone powered applications could reach $125bn worldwide. In addition, with the continued easing of regulations on drone operations in the US, the FAA forecasts 600,000 unmanned aircraft will be registered for commercial use by the end of 2017. 

This rapid technology adoption does not come without challenges. David Tran, President and Co-Founder of Optelos explains, “As Drone usage continues to proliferate in the enterprise, many companies are finding that drone applications have outpaced their existing tools for managing this complex workflow. We’re seeing a lack of standard drone work processes, disparate tools to schedule and coordinate drone activities across 3rd party vendors, and limited tools for aggregating and consuming the massive amount of data generated by drones.”

To help address these challenges, Optelos has announced the release of their Drone Work Advisor cloud software platform. Work Advisor is the first drone workflow solution that enables enterprises and drone service vendors to collaborate on a standard and scalable drone program. Optelos’ patent pending technology indexes and correlates digital assets from active drones in the field, while its cloud-based software manages vendors, aggregates drone contents, and manages drone activities. Utilizing the cloud for data collection just makes sense, for a technology that is already airborne. 

Essentially, the right software will be the glue that holds a successful drone program together. Standardizing the process from work order through final audit means easier collaboration between teams and an overall increase in transparency, efficiency and security. Optelos is at the leading edge for helping both drone operators and the industries using them to reach the next level in this drone economy.

For complete product details, please visit Optelos at http://www.optelos.com.


About Optelos

Optelos is the world-leading provider of drone workflow software solutions to help enterprises and drone operators integrate drone-based applications into existing business workflows to drive actionable results. Leading enterprises and service providers trust Optelos’ products and expertise to help solve today’s toughest issues and emerging challenges with implementing and managing a standard and scalable drone program to drive actionable results. Optelos is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit http://www.optelos.com.

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